Can Aura of Deflection and Vengeance work at the same time?

Hello! I have a question. As the title says, can Aura of Deflection and Vengeance (Guardian skills) stack with each other, or Aura of Deflection still overwrites the effects of Aura of Vengeance as it was tested here 2 years ago?

Does someone know by any chance if this was fixed? Thank you very much in advance! :smiley:

In old HGL they did stack but not like you would deflect 100% of incoming missiles, it would give an increase but given the limitations of points on a guardian is not recommended to invest on it. Use Deflection alone for maximum performance is a better solution, you get a 130% bonus when only 1 aura is apply vs 110% when 2 auras are use, thanks to aura of stability passive skill. Deflection goes from 70% (2 auras) to 82% (1 aura) when use as a single aura. Vengeance should have a 38% chance to destroy extra missile not deal with Deflection, that means in total is 82% missiles destroy (just the same as using deflection alone). You can test it and see not all missile gets destroy, so if this happen sure they don’t stack. Otherwise it would mean more than a 100% chances to get missiles destroy. In Dawn of the Deaths map, same as Moloch and other bosses if your guardian have no need for auras is better to swap to deflection alone to keep party alive from those strong attacks they land every 30seconds or so.

Thank you for your reply! I didn’t mean actual stacking as in additive chances, since they are completely different mechanics (one destroys, the other reflects). I just meant the two auras working at the same time, to get the protection from both, individually. As the title says basically.

Which didn’t seem to be the case from those tests I linked above.

P.S.: Clearly 100% chance to destroy projectiles would be OP, and clearly that’s not the case, nor it was in the past.

Well I do have my guardian on the game, but kind of stop playing due to the lack of parties. So few players and most run private groups, guardians makes bosses an easy job, incredible performance but very dependent on team-mates for the good/fast farming.

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