Can swarm crit? sumoner or evoker

As i know swarm does 1 initial hit and then damage over time.

can initial hit crit and every tik crit? in tests i have done using crit mods and taking off them it seems damage its nearly the same. but i want to be sure

in the moment game has a weapon (Harlekin ablaze ) wich gives high amounts of crit and swarm, it seems this skill it should be able to crit

can some1 clear this question plz?

i’ve been told fields can’t crit. and from what i’ve seen a while ago, initial hit doesn’t do much anyway - if it IS a separate AOE hit, not field starting it’s work.

then cant crit!!! but nearly all sumoners are using feral legens or double edged or unike feral gear

and sumoner damage becomes 90% from pets (elementals + darksouls+demon ) and swarm.

while your 90% of damage cant crit cuz just 10% of comes from melee hits while in darkform and dark offering when u got 9 darkminions.

why sumoners dont got a better gear set ( ietmlvl 56 or higher) with more pet damage instead of added damage and crit ?

now i am little confused, because bryan wrote this:

All skills that deal damage should be able to crit, yes

in his alpha miniguide evoker

I understand that there was a lot of changes since 2018 but i do not recall removing crit from skills in patch notes? Maybe it is different for summy?

Swarm can definitely crit. The fields that can’t crit are those produced by Hive Shards and similar guns; Swarm, being a player skill, can crit normally.
It does lack an initial splash, which is why crit doesn’t have as much of an impact on it as the other Evoker AoE skills; CDB multiplies individual damage ticks, which tend to be lower than the initial hit.

Now, there’s a chance it might not be taking CDB into account properly. I haven’t seen evidence of this, but please report it if you happen to find some strong indication it’s the case.

Finally, on Feral armor and Summoners; the TC armor sets were mostly intended for both classes (rather, they may focus on one class of their faction but also reach out for the other one). But amusingly, the Feral set was very Summoner-centric, being mostly designed around +minion stats, hp/armor, thorns, and +melee speed. FSS had the idea that crits or poison might make DF viable, as seen in early Ripshards and Bloodshards (both dubbed as Summoner foci), hence +crit on them… which made them an Evoker mainstay, since FSS hadn’t finished removing CCM by TCv4. Or restricted those sets to one class, since they hadn’t designed two sets per faction.

We might get some better Summoner pieces with +minion stats, of course, since some Ferals don’t seem to cut it. We did something similar with Hunter/Templar pieces, and started to do so with Hexer’s Shroud (since both the SH and Abyss helmets did nothing for Summoners).

thank u very much bryan , much more clear now

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Wait, so Tempest can actually crit each time a lightning bolt hits something?

i think tempeta crits also serpents crits but i think both spells dorsnt get crit chance from player crit chance. those spells have theyr own crit chance, but they increae damage with weapon + relics .

if u use a tempest build i suggest just using increse damage relics or caste damage relics