Cannot join the servers : You have been disconnected


this is weird my friend told me about this new server, he is able to join and play.
He helped me setup and each time I log in I get this:

You have been disconnected.
A connection with the server could not be established.

I also tried creating a second account in case but to no avail.
I disabled the firewall, and antivirus to check and I get the same thing.

Any leads?

Hi, I’m not a developer though, but it may seem that your firewall is blocking the connection. Also, please check your installation once again if it corresponds with the guide.

or your using the wrong server.

which you should not be able to after installing the hg2038 patch. From then on it should be the only server.

Hi All, I have found the solution, it does relate to the firewall. I have to disable it totally to run.

Trying to investigate required firewall rules with wireshark as I found no firewall definition anywhere for London 2038.

Once I do I’ll update the post :wink:

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Hi, so far I had to open these to make it work:

C:\Program Files\Flagship Studios\Hellgate London\MP_x64\London2038_dx9_x64.exe permit OUT to on any ports any protocols

I have seen port TCP 443 and TCP 5001 so far.
I will be sending to logs for a couple of days to see if any other ports are required. resolves as


You are correct, only ports 443 and 5001 are required to play. All game client communication happens over 5001 besides the authentication server communication which is TLS over 443.

Couldn’t you just try to run it as administrator? It seems like some problem with permissions as well. Try running as admin and if the problem persists make exceptions for all possible HG exes in your firewall setup.