Cannot Log in multiplayer

Hi all. Loved this game so much and Blizz North in general, and was happy to see this in alpha (kinda late to the party). I have followed the steps for the installation. I installed my physical copy of the game(advanced), downloaded the launcher and threw them in the HGL folder, ran it and it updated. However when I attempt to connect to multiplayer I get a 401 error stating that my username and/or password is wrong? Oh, I did sign up on this site and an using the same information. What can be the cause? Did I miss something minuscule? How can I get this running?


Sounds like you only signed up for the site.

The front page has a button that goes to the game sign-up page. The information you enter there can be used in-game.

Oh wow, derp me! i was juggling pages earlier and swore i signed up at your link, thanks for helping me figure this out!

Hello everyone.
That is true I guess, but how can I use same account for the game also - I mean I have account for forum and when try to use same e-mail for game - it denies - it says, that it is already used. But if it is used - when i go in-game says error 401. Do we have to use 2 email addresses - one in-game and one in forum?
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I used the same email for both the forums and the game, so it’s possible. The forum login isn’t connected to the game in any way, so you can re-use whatever you want when filling out the game signup form.

Are you trying to sign up for the game using the previously posted link (the orange button on the front page)? If you did, and your email is being denied, you must’ve already filled out that form using that email. In that case, you can enter your email here and have your password reset.

Also, in case you’re doing so, you don’t log into the game with your email.

Same problem here - I followed the instruction on this website and used my email to make an account.
Then I open the game - expecting to login using the same data, but it does not work.

This website is misleading in it’s instruction - it says use the credentials you used in the signup form… but it does not specify WHICH signup form <-- the only “signup” form we have used following the instructions is for the website…

I tried to use same details to make an ingame account - it says error occurred.
Then I used same email, with a different account name - it goes to a captcha, which I complete - it says error occurred.