Can't make screenshots

i for sure remember making screenshots in HGG with /screenshot, but it doesn’t work here, neither does Print Screen button. i checked in several placed for the screenshots - in game’s own directory, in My Documents (there’s Hellgate folder there with appropriate content, but Screenshots folder is empty), in Appdata, even checked other users Appdata and ProgramData - nothing.

running the game in DX9 mode - might be important since i’ve read elsewhere that screenshotting doesn’t work in DX9 for some on some other version of the game.

/screenshot works for me. There is also third-party programs such as fraps.

u have to change settings to windowed mode to be able to do screenshots or use autotkey in game
and never use compatibity mode of windows 10 to play or game crashes randomly every 60-90 mins

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PrtScr works but screenshots are placed into Users/Profile/Documents/MyGames/Hellgate and sc folder.

At least for me. :wink: