[Casual] So I tested some Hunter Class Weapons

Halloha :>

Today we tried out some Hunter Weapons with my Engi.

He’s wearing mostly Set Pieces+Duellos. No Sues yet(I’ve only got around 10% crit). I didn’t used any skills(No Haste Bot!) and the weapons have been tested against shulgoth in NmE using the DPS meter(That means, checking at what number it moderately capped out, while trying to avoid the critnumbers) and subjective measurements(Meaning how fast was I while using this weapons without any skills. Things like Shield Pen mattered there, so take it with a subjective grain of salt). Also I tried the weapons on the enemies outside his Rift.

We did it with the clean unauged, but upgraded version of the weapons once and once with mods. We avoided using shrapnel mods, since they make basically any weapon with a high rate of fire superstrong. Obviously, some of the weapons would work way better with those Mods, especially the ones with a lot of Modslots and the aforementioned high RoF. Keep that in mind.

We didn’t really discovered anything new, but still I think, we can make some assumptions about the viability of the endgame-weapon choices for the Hunter classes.

At the time being I only had access to one Hu’s Hypershot, still it was the weapon that performed best. I coupled it with a pretty random eviscerator, that is clearly weaker than another Hus would be, but got except for the halved RoF similar stats(No Rapid Fire thou, but we didn’t calculated skills in anyway).
It’s ridiculous how much better it worked. It’s nothing new for most people but still worth mentioning… It gets more interesting when talking about second place, thou:

While most of the other weapons performed similar well in the test, with all of them having different upsides in form of SkillBoni, Minion Damage or Increased use rate, it was quite astonishing that a double edged Version with dual-ele Affix of the Ruperts Rifle weapon type(dont remember the gun types name) did the most unmodded dps. It ‘only’ had 5 modslots, and even thou, I could only fill 4 of those with more dual-ele mods, it outperformed the Mastodon, Ruperts Rifle and thus the two Thundergods(that I tested the other day). The Polyphase Rifle, thanks to it’s 8 Slots and some more Mods from 4tw(:*) , performed fully modded even better than the double edged one.
I tried two of those 1h Raptor Machine guns, that have the same RoF as Hu’s in double edged with dual ele, but those underperformed overall, even thou I basically hugged Shulgoth so it could dish out its maximum damage.

A strange thing, that I noticed was that a legendary arclight fusion Rifle performed, even thou it mostly had skill related affixes, better than the aforementioned uniques. I only had this weapon because it increases the use rate and damage of combat skills and even having only 3Modslots seemed not to matter much. The Mastodon, Rupert’s Rifle and alike couldn’t fully modded stand a chance.
Thus I checked the CH and lucky me got my hands on a pretty cheap mythic arclight fusion with dual ele, shield pen and increased fire damage. That thing, with its four slots really appreciated the dual ele Mods and surpassed all modded weapons except for the 8 Slot polyphase Rifle.

Our conclusion was, that Hu’s are hands down the best Hunter Weapon in the game with up to 6 modslots, the bonus of 6crucial points of Rapid Fire for the engi and increased use rate on top. I didnt even needed the second… But either Polyphase and/or mythic arclight fusion rifles make a somewhat good substitute for them as long as you can’t get your hands on those Hu’s. Don’t use Thundergods, Fraggers(It’s basically a worse Hus for Engis, but still expensive), Lees Lightlances(underperformed compared to their mythic counterpart obviously) and the Mastodon(maybe for Drone-Users valid since there is this pretty nice added minion-damage tagged on it) if you want to do damage.
Furthermore, for no obvious reason, the weapons with default high fire damage seemingly outclassed the other elementals without needing to ignite the enemy. Is this a bug? An error by me? I don’t know, but they are stronger than they seem. Also since the damage output seemed pretty similar for all except Hus, it seems like, at least for the engi, to prioritize the affixes that come with the weapon over bare damage. (Increased combat skill damage+use rate are superdope, even if you sacrifice a Modslot or something similar for it)

I couldn’t test Dunbars thou and neither the full 2x Three Slot Hu’s Potential. If I missed an important weapon, let me know. I will try to get my hands on a dual ele mythic magnum and will surely compare it to the mythic arclight fusion.

I’ll try to take some pictures of the weapons used and try to recreate the results for a numerical listing, in case anyone is interested in it.

Did anyone of you made similar observations? Am I superwrong on something? Let me know, it’s what I experienced today and definitely not that representative, but whatever.

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Good job!

That seems pretty much in line with my findings on the matter, and frankly the sheer power of Hus has been boggling my mind for a good while now.
I know that raw numbers are often not the proper way to evaluate a weapon’s power, but one really needs to break down the basic maths behind Hus to understand the situation.

Their damage per shot is 13-19, so ~16 on average. With a RoF of 600/m, that’s 16*10 = 160 damage per second, per hand. In other words, 320 damage per second, or 19200 damage per minute.

Very, very few guns even approach those numbers. For reference,
-Convulsors average ~250 damage per shot; with a RoF of 28 that’s ~125 damage per second, or 7500 per minute. Voodoo Rifles are slightly better, but still close to this bracket.
-Mastodons average ~20 damage per shot; with a RoF of 600 that’s ~200 damage per second, or 12000 per minute.
-Thundergods average ~19 damage per shot; ~2.85 shots per second yield ~54 damage per second per hand, or ~3250 per minute per hand.

There’s simply no comparison.
Yes, +ele% mods/affixes can change this, especially on top of critcaps and high CDB values. Some AoE weapons can technically yield more overall DPS than Hus depending on the encounter, and especially in the hands of MMs. But Hus are incredibly hard to compete with across the board, and come by extremely more easily than the ideal augments/affixes and/or mods that may tip the scales.

What’s more, they have immensely lower potential for effective DPS loss; missing the target with spray-type weapons is much more painless than missing with Snipers, Thermo Cannons, Surge Cannons, Mongoose Launchers, or even Cluster Rifles and Thumpers, precisely because of the low RoF of said guns.

That’s why 2-handed rifles with 400-600 RoF are the only ones even remotely entering the equation, after all. Those silly, IMHO, RoF values pretty much invalidate most slower guns except for specific circumstances and skill/build combinations.


Sadly we’ve come to a point where we finally have the majority of guns viable for gameplay,
but on the way there, we have a bunch of Unique guns that were left behind the wagon.

I bought myself a 5slot Mastodon and filled it with Divine mods, causing it’s damage
to reach aprox 500 dmg. But when using it against enemies, it felt like i was using a
starting weapon unmodded, the damage simply wasn’t there when compared to my dual Chrome Bolters.

I tested the Mastodon with a maxed Rapid fire against a Vortex, and it took 3 bursts before
he died. I then tested on the same mob with Chrome Bolters which were L27 req, and they
ripped the Vortex up in 1 volley.

So… sadly it seems like the Unique guns missed the update, and i have no idea how to fix it
apart from taking each unique weapon and update it one by one.

Slightly off topic but it feels to me that unique items are not really feeling “unique”.
I like Dunbar because we can instantly see the fireworks it naturally provides.
Hu’s are powerful but it doesn’t feel that different from a rare for pure gameplay.

A reapers hellrail is actually quite at good at calculated damage when nanoed up (though it is hard to calculate the AOE part in). A double/mythic edged railgun with mythic increase dmg actually supasses a Hu.
Though i have never seen one :slight_smile:

I’d happily farm the hell out of that Reaper and sell everyone some Hellrails cheap, but he no longer respawns once you kill em compared to Global :-(.

Oh then i am lucky that i have two. But dmgwise the other railguns ar on par. It is just that reapers plays out a lot nicer because you kill all the trash with the huge aoe. But a Nantos is actually a bit higher in single target dmg.
Btw i was wrong with the assumption a double edged can outclass a hu because my gun (which i took as a dmg comparison) already has a 20% increase, so it will still be a bit lower. A mythic maybe can beat it though.

I have used Hu’s but in a pinch when I was about to eat it I always switched to my dual Jins. Except in sheild penetration I have found it the best at obliterating a mob/boss. I plan to study these posts as they present info I have never seen in terms of calculating rate of damage. But nothing quite equals my Jins - even though they are short range.

Jim (I accidentally typed Jin. Freudian slip)

Chrome Bolters have been buffed in a recent patch, and I hear some have become exceptionally strong. Perhaps Jin’s was one of those, it seems.