Change requests for some Monster Affixes


I am a hardcore player.

I want to tell you about an incident that happened a few days ago.

I was farming a lift in the lower paliment.

Played with Guardian, which has been amazingly improved in recent patches

Encountered several Blade Slayers and threw shields.

I’m dead.

Didn’t see any elite monsters and didn’t check his Affixes. This is clearly my mistake.

But I didn’t know the shield damage would be this powerful. Guardian dies in one shot!

When I asked people, it was said that throwing it to the dreadnought in Stage 1 would give the same result. This was also the first time I found out.

However, it is understandable to die in one hit to a dreadnought. He is the boss.

It’s so sad to die in a normal zone!!

This issue is very rare, and when it does it will cause your character to die.

I can throw a shield forward.

It can only be used in very limited situations (there are absolutely no elite monsters within the shield’s range).

It’s probably not the situation everyone wants.



Thank you!

Yeah, happened to me a few times. The shield is not fully controllable what it actually hits after a throw and if you are unlucky and a Backlash Mob lurks around you just die. Not 100% sure if it is still that way but i think it can also happen on certain invisible mobs.

Only way this could’ve happened AFAIK if there was a reflective tormenter nearby.
In lower parliament this can happen when the tormenter is one level above you, it’s aura still affects you. This is kinda rare occasion, but i do get that losing a character this way sucks.
In all fairness what i was thinking as a possible solution is to remove tormenters from this level type, so you won’t be able to kill yourself on something you can’t see.

Thank you both very much for your comments.

Thanks to you, I found the old issue of Tormenter one shot.

In fact, I’m not sure it’s a tormenter because I haven’t seen the monster that killed me.
(I was in front of the door and a horde of monsters was behind the door.)

This issue is very important to me.

Unfortunately, the character with the highest tier gear died.

My three months worth of effort was gone.

Perhaps the increased shield damage and multiple shots of x8 had an effect.

But if I can prepare from now on, it’s probably good.

A BM that used a Sword typhoon during the Alpha days was killed in one hit.
It was a vortex elite mob.
(Before the Sword typhoon received the Pirce patch.)

So I also want to focus on tormenter only, but it’s not easy.

As a result, there’s not much I can do about it.

I have to pay attention every time I encounter a monster, but Guardian’s playstyle gets very tiring.

Shield throw cannot be used because of the huge risk of life collateral.

This lowers Gurdian’s overall performance.

There aren’t many long-range alternatives like the Evoker.

But thank you very much for your comments.

Let’s experiment with hitting the Tormenter with low shield damage.

Let’s check the threat level compared to other monsters.

In the old alpha days all mobs with reflective affixes were able to reflect missiles to you, now only tormenters can, as they have an aura, and in that case it works exactly like Aura of Vengeance on tamplars.