[CLOSED] 2038 Ideas: Skill/Class/General changes

Thank you for all your great ideas! We are closing this topic for now, as we are totally full with ideas, improvements, and fixes. Keep your notes on ideas for when we re-open the suggestion thread!

The original thread, along with the feedback it received at the time, can be found here:

Heya :slight_smile:

As the progress on London 2038 maintains a steady pace,we want to hear the players’ thoughts and suggestions on skill/class/general changes. Anything goes,so share your deepest desires :wink:

Kindly note:

Class balance and skill changes will only be a priority once the game is in a stable state.

Not all suggestions can be given equal consideration,as they may conflict with each other,be balance-breaking in themselves,and so forth.

Ultimately,the dev team cannot commit to act on all suggestions. That is not to say that feedback isn’t appreciated (for it surely is),but only that popular demand may not meet the devs’ criteria in all cases.

generate your own special dyekit with the cube - similar to create trinkets.
Reciepts are also dropable items from bosses - with the different qualities for each classes.


Here are some of my wishes, pretty short:

  • improve crafting: maybe show only a handfull of mods/items at the crafting npc’s, not random, stuff that makes sense but isnt the best available, costs should be high. add auto shredding item. add pocket vendor.

  • improve boss fights: add enrage timer, add more group mechanics (force grouping by that), add more bosses obviously (=

  • give every boss a special item as loot, only obtainable at this boss at low rate. all items combined can give you a set of pieces with bonus (i know this allready existet, just to make sure)

  • improve achievements, i know ppl love achievements… and titles, and pets, and other fluff.

… for now.

I just drop what pops into my head, hopefully there are some good suggestions in between.

Not sure about this, but weren’t there a few mobs that were (almost?) finished but never used by Flagship? I remember early pictures from some kind of spider with three heads from before the game was released. If I am not mistaken, it later appeared in Global, so adding these once again would maybe be a good addition.

Also, I really liked the tower bridge section with those centaurs in Global. Dunno if this was partly finished or created from scrap for Global, but I wanted to point this out as a really impressive section of the game.

Concerning the “endless dungeon”, real bosses on each floor (or every few floors) would be better than just having that lootbox mob. If the players would have to take down the boss before the next floor unlocks, the whole thing would seem to be more rewarding.

One more suggestion concerns the log in procedure: Can’t we just have the London 2038 server as standard? It’s a bit annoying to reselect it each time.

Given that the player base is currently a bit smaller, would it be possible/feasible to allow switching between elite and standard in order to have more group play? I am aware that this might water down the challenge of elite, but the benefits might overshadow this.

Questing can be annoying. Especially all the “kill 10 zombies” and “find 12 items” quests can be a pain when the last one won’t appear. Would it be possible to just double the amount of mob X in or dropped item Y in the area so quest completion is guaranteed?

I find Stonehenge and Abyss way more entertaining on nightmare than most other areas, so doing all the quests twice in order to get those attribute points is really annoying. Therefore I suggest removing those extra attribute points as quest rewards and instead giving like 6 or 7 points upon level up (so it results in the same number).

Not sure about this, but all the + minion damage affixes don’t hold for the summoner’s elementals. I am currently trying this class for the first time, but this makes it kind of unsatisfying. Should my assumption be correct, wouldn’t it be cooler to have these affect the elementals as well (maybe reduced by a certain factor)?

Please bring back the Fawkes mask! It is there and ready to use, isn’t it? :slight_smile:

Please double the inventory size <3 Always carrying around so much crap.

Fan posters! Because why not? Having the same old posters over and over again in the stations is boring. Why not give the artists in the community a platform to show their stuff? This would also make the community more lively.

Dunno if other people feel the same and how much effort this requires, but the animations in first person for most weapons are more than lousy. I can imagine that this is something that especially new players will dislike, so a few tweaks right here could do a great job on improving the overall feeling.

Well, that’s all for now.

  • Display mod properties in the item hovertext/tooltip
  • Show monster level range for each area when viewing the map. Maybe also display it in the top right, under the current area name.
  • Reduce the animation duration when selecting an option from the item radial menu
  • Gambling to re-roll things like property values and number/types of mod sockets
  • Remember the last typed username on the login screen
  • Item affixes that add a random effect to a specific skill or skill group, like adding a little elemental damage, interrupt strength, or pierce chance/count

Weird. I manually selected it the first time and it’s always been the default since.

This only applied to those with certain regions, and I have fixed it in the latest patch from yesterday, 1.0.1a. :slight_smile:

Would definitely like to see crafting with the cube expanded, would be great to be able to craft all manner of items. I’m just not sure how much control over specifics one should have, item type, mod type or quality.

Hello. How about optimizing ‘close-rifts-and-kill-boss’ system by including, say, any item that players can collect? Because not all ppl play at the same time, but they can meet to party farm as they do it on Moloch. Like a talisman or something like that as a reward after closing 5 rifts, so players could collect them to farm in party. Would be nice if items will stack like bunch of analyzers.

I’d like to propose an endgame system that builds upon the current endgame and gives an additional feeling of progressing your character once it reached the max level: Maps.
For those of you familiar with Path of Exile’s (PoE) Mapping system, this is basically what this suggestion is about (except for Atlas of Worlds stuff).

The first part of this video explains PoE’s mapping system very well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mv0kdEmLCX8

Short summary:

  • Maps are randomized instances with a certain amount of different monster types (like 7-10) inside of them and a layout (tileset) that is identical to the layout of zones from other places within the game, such as leveling zones.
  • Maps are items that can be used to spawn portals into these randomized instances and they can be crafted / augmented to gain additional stats
  • The stats on these map items affect the monsters within that zone in various ways, such as increasing the monster life, monster droprate, monster damage and so on
  • Maps are consumed upon usage, so you may want to collect and/or trade them
  • Maps are clustered into different Tiers, varying by the level of monsters within that map and also the itemlevel of items dropped within that area. While maps of the lowest tier (Tier 1) can drop in leveling areas, higher tier maps
    (Tier 2 and higher) can only drop in maps of a lower tier. This gives you a feeling of progressing your character beyond the max level / rank and parallel to the gear progression.
  • Maps have a bosses, which are mainly bosses reused from the leveling content

For HGL, I do believe that such a system could work very well and might be not too much effort to get implemented, considering all the tilesets aswell as mobs and bosses are already created. There are quite a few areas in the game, such as Picadilly Circus, Chocolate Park or British Museum, where the layout gets used twice during the playthroughs and then never again, and maps might be the perfect oportunity to bring them back. For bosses there are all the act bosses aswell as zone bosses / uniques that could act as map bosses, but their stats and effects need to be scaled to the map level.

This is very similar to the Westminster Catacombs ofcourse, just with alot more variation and an additional economic value if maps are made tradeable and upgradeable through the cube (a 3 : 1 recipe probably) or the nanoforge
(increasing the level of monsters in the certain map as a further nano shard sink).

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So far so good, but you know you’re only stealing an existing idea from another game, which has it set up nicely, working well and sort of balanced, too. So while PoE has maps already working for it, how do you propose to make them work in HGL? If it’s just a copy of an idea then it will only ever get compared to it and any flaws will be held against it. For an idea to succeed does it need to be somehow unique or better than a competitor or else it’s really only a source of more frustration for a player, because it doesn’t exceed the expectations set by other games.

Can you add something more onto the idea for it to become truly unique to HGL and distinguishable from PoE’s maps? It needs to have a reason for players to love it and to say they like it better than PoE’s maps - or why not just play PoE instead?! … A badly copied idea has the risk of making players leave to play the game with the better implementation.

So far I havn’t really thought about how to make it better than PoE’s map system as this is something thats most likely out of reach for a small scale non-profit project such as London2038. The main intention behind this suggestion was bringing variability to the current endgame without creating completly new content as this is something the game is currently lacking in my opinion.

Repeating the same 3-4 different kind of layouts in order to spawn Abyss bosses aswell as rushing through Stonehenge areas just to get some heads and rush to moloch is fun for a while, but its lacking a feeling of character progression for me. Ofcourse there is also The Wilds and dessicator, but thats mainly the huge forest tileset repeated three times in a row.

I cannot give a reason for players to love it and say they like it better than PoE’s map system (yet), but I guess if people enjoy playing HGL, they’ll play it instead of a different game.

A few ideas about how to make such a system work in London2038:

  • After talking to Omerta briefly about this, taking existing tilesets and spawning different kind of monsters on it seems very easy to do, so thats a good start.
  • Code for limiting the drop chance of certain items to certain areas seems to already exist due to the limitation of uniques to certain areas, so this could be reused to make a certain tier of maps only drop in certain other maps
  • Maps would need to be a new kind of item basetype that are tradeable, upgradeable (augmentrix and/or nanoforge), consumeable (one time useage so you feel invested once you use one), come with different kind of rarities (varying in the amount of stats they have and possibly unique maps) and probably useable, depending on how you want to make the player go from outside of a map to the inside (clicking the item to teleport inside or a huge area with portals to all different kind of maps with an npc in front of them that demands a map to let you pass the portal or …)
  • Code for having stats on the map item affect monsters within that area most likely does not exist yet, and I don’t know enough about the server infrastructure to judge whether this is easy to handle or totally out of reach
  • There are some obvious balance issues with the scale of some larger areas compared to very small ones (like The Wilds areas vs. small Passageways) that need to be carefully figured out
  • One interesting question is whether killing Sydonai in NM is a requirement for entering map areas or not. If it is, maybe replacing the current NM Sydonai with a slightly weaker version a few levels lower and placing the current NM Sydonai on the highest tier of maps might be an option
  • Drops that are exclusive to certain bosses within the game, such as Moloch head pieces or Abyss boss unique ‘sets’, should still remain exclusive to those bosses, but maybe these bosses can also spawn in certain high tier maps (that are hard to get) to give an additional option of facing these bosses. Players would then either have the safe and guaranteed way of getting to those bosses (farm 4 heads in stonehenge areas) or a RNG - dependent way (find the map that contains the boss).

A few quick suggestions and things to fix.

  1. [MAJOR] “Reward” quests should give you more palladium like in HG:G (10k per quest)
    That will stabilize the economy, allowing low or mid tier players build some bank to buy stuff high tier players are selling. It’s really hard to buy a pair of Duellos which cost 100k when you only made ~50k by 20th level.

  2. Make the inserted mods in the items appear normally when expecting the player or item on the Marketplace. (It shows 0/X mods are in)

  3. Make the items linked in chat appear correctly. Sometimes it doesn’t show up, sometimes it does but you can’t see the stats.

  4. [MAJOR] Item reward for quests should be Rare to Legendary quality. Each NPC has his own side quest line, so it should give you legendary items on the last 2 quests and rare items before. That will also help to establish the economy at the beginning/mid game. Which is really important, because people can’t afford to buy a mod for 6000 when you need 6-8 of them.

  5. Nerf the “Rebounding” and “Backslash” affixes on Rare+ mobs. It’s not cool when you one shot crit yourself after you were cleaning up the locations for like 20 mins to get to the last one.

  6. [MAJOR] One REALLY cool thing about Hellgate: Global was a Messenger boss which spawns when you kill a certain amount of monsters on the map. Please make that happen! More bosses = more loot = more fun. And people would enjoy cleaning up the locations instead of speedrunning them.

  7. Make at least one boss to spawn in Ancient Blood location. No need to create one via game engine, you can just put some big monster like Shulgoth, Goliath, for example which can give you a good loot after killing. That’s what people also would enjoy. I think it’s not hard to do :slight_smile: Would be perfect if it was a named boss dropping a named unique item with a small chance.

  8. Try to continue the questline with new/makeshift maps and stations.

  9. Try to make champion mobs / bosses appear on the mini map like radar device in HG:G, sometimes bosses blink or hard to find and it’ll be a cool feature anyways.

  10. That would be great if you’ll be able to remove a certain mod you don’t need in demodificator instead of removing them all.

  11. Fee on posting items in the Marketplace should be less than 10%… Maybe 5% would be fair.

  12. Please, double the movement speed or remove the cooldown on Sprint skill while on Friendly Stations.


  1. Ravagers are too buggy, they shouldn’t be jumping.

  2. Would be cool if you could see what you need to do to complete the minigame by placing the cursor on the icon. New players most probably don’t know about minigame at all.

I would like to get your response to each of the listed suggestions ^v^

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Regarding #2, you can’t put items with mods on them on the consignment house, so there is nothing to make appear.

Regarding #3, this is a known issue and not really a change suggestion since the behavior is a bug.

Shrapnel! The thing that gets changed and is op.
I would like to mention though that while it currently is op it opened up side builds like GunEvoker (used to play one with Kraken weapons- and it was pretty decent) and BM with Gun and Sword (needs a good skill that drains your mana though). I would like to see Shrapnel mods being nerved by messing around with feeds rather than slashing their damage too much so that it is not workable to put 14 shrapnell mods into your vorpals.
On hits are just a great way to make weapons work and there are tons of cool weapons that just dont normally work (epecially for evoker- never understood why they have the coolest weapons and you couldnt really use them).

And while we are at it, slow shooting weapons should be adressed too since they never worked (maybe sniper guns to an extent). Hellgate has so many cool weapons but very few of them really work, i think that is an area where focus should be set to.

Suggestion List

  1. Sniper skill needs huge buff , skill itself gives -%50 armour i suggest remove this and add %25-30 Life while in sniper mode or +%30-50 armour. OR +500-750 Shield while in sniper state

  2. Sniper rifles need at least 2 times more rate of fire and while they used with “Sniper” skill they can have 2 times more rate of fire. That makes X4 times more RoF with Sniper mode. Snipers suppose to used with sniper skill

3.More quest reward palladium maybe 3-5K per quest and scale

  1. Auto Dismantlers like HG:G can improve game a lot.

  2. Needs upgrade system like HG:G +1 to +15

  3. Nano shards can drop more often (not too much i mean +%2-3 more rate)

  4. as irrelevaNt says HG:G champion system looks awesome

  5. %15 passive movement speed at friendly stations

  6. Auto select “Elite” on character creation

  7. No more auto first skill selection

  8. If its possible bigger stash sounds nice

  9. All rings in game can give +1 All stats scale to +10 depends on level.

  10. Some weapons need crit chance nerf except miniguns they need crit chance most.

14.%5 Life buff to all characters , %10 to guardian

  1. Ignite needs nerf (idn its already nerfed or not london has %5) in HG:G it was %3 so bosses wont melt soo easly.

  2. Achivements can be improved like HG:G one

  3. I dont like it but set items can be added , the reason i dont like them in HG:G they were overpowered and needs a lot of stat.

  4. Hellgate global items and bosses ( if its possible :wink: )



The one thing I really would like to get implemented is make all the random food like apples, cake and potatoes have a paladium value so we can sell them. Same with the blueprints.

Other minor thing would be the old ARPG request for more stash. But I would prefer double the space for your character inventory. It gets a bit in the way of all the action if you have to constantly organize and dismantle.

Just my 2 cents, Thanx so much for all the hard work. I am having a blast!!!

One thing that always bugged me about Summoners was how fire elements could die from fire.

  • Thus as a suggestion: all elementals should have an immunity towards their natural damage type (the force elementals excluded).

The elemental immunity property for the five damage types are already in the game, so I believe, at least in HGG did we already have these, and so it shouldn’t be too difficult to implement this. It would make a nice bonus with respect to the game’s lore and from a balance point of view would elementals become more resilient, but not universally so, making it different from the already existing +% to Minion Armor/Health property on gear.

Sniper skill needs huge buff , skill itself gives -%50 armour i suggest remove this and add %25-30 Life while in sniper mode or +%30-50 armour. OR +500-750 Shield while in sniper state

How about giving the Sniper Mode a bonus to Evasion? It would make snipers more resistant, still leaving some of the risk to chance, and it wouldn’t tap straight into armor, health or shield bonuses.

The Evasion property has always been a rare one and using it here would give it more significance and attention, which will lead to more builds with Evasion in mind.

Keeping the general nature of snipers in mind are these not such much tanks, but risk players, hence a higher Evasion would play nice here.

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An endgame suggestion: Give the areas within the westminster catacombs a chance to spawn other rifts than spectral ones, and give all other parliament square areas an additional chance of spawning spectral rifts.

Abyss Weapons

The drop rate of these weapons are not just rare but almost non-existant. We have a legit 50/50 player in our guild without a single random drop (he found a Grimace, thats the only abyss weapon he have now). I have 4 characters around rank30 and haven’t found a single abyss weapon. I am not saying that the Unique versions shouldn’t be rare but if you take it to account that the legendary ones have random number of slots and completely random stats, it’s hard enough to get a good one. I suggest changing the drop rate of these similar to stonehenge exclusive items. (When was the last time you’ve found a 4 slot mutentacle with very good stats?)

There are 3 types of passageways, and the cavern type is extremely underwhelming. Please make it look like the caverns in stonehenge (larger rooms)

Elite passageways should have a lot more rare mobs, maybe around 15 at minimum. There is a chance now that you won’t see a single one, just the guarantued named one.

Hidden passageways whould have increased drop rate applied, and filled with urns, chests similar to Brompton Cemetery.

Please add a Consignment House terminal at Charing Cross Station.

Abyss rifts shouldn’t be able to spawn mobs that can turn invisible, replace them with the Fiends spawned by Emperor Gulkar or something to make them more interesting and unique.

Please rewamp the mobs that can spawn in the Catacombs, dragons feels really out of place there, add Gremlin Troopers/Snipers, Shock/Blade Slayers, Vortex Wraiths, Gutgores to the pool. I would consider removing Pit Summoners from there, they are extremely annoying and sometimes absolutely not managable, this type of levels are easily the hardest ones and everyone i saw was about to skip these as fast as possible.
Adding a station after level 5 or 6 could help solo players farming mods at lvl7-10 (before the real challenge begins). Party groups will prd reset level 10 anyway.

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