CM diary #24 - 02/21/2022

Oh hi!

These have been some very busy times, but ones very focused on their business. So let’s try a rapid-fire diary to cover it all in a bite-sized page of goodness.

What’s going on?

1.5.8 is being finalized as we speak, and the intent is to have it ready to go live by the time the next rotation begins – in some 8 days. But Malphas is a pushover (sorry friend), so we might have another week’s worth of leeway after that.
This one will address event feedback, first and foremost, so players are kindly encouraged to leave any and all feedback on our laps for review. Yes, this includes exploits, like my off-character Discord announcement hinted at – which some players acted on very productively, which I’m very, very thankful for.

The main attraction will of course be the event itself; there will be new items, more reward rolls so encounters don’t feel empty, and boss tweaks to make them a bit more reasonable.

What else does it bring? Here’s the short list:

  • Skill clarifications. A staple at this point, let’s be as clear as possible.
  • Fixes and stuff. Some broken stuff here and there, and some old quirks to iron out.
  • Quest changes. Quest fixes aside, there will be some quest revamps. Better rewards, some reordering, the whole rolling whites issue, and so on. And no more hidden enemies.

But as you can see, the focus was much more limited this time. It’s event+QoL, nothing more – thankfully.

What’s going to be going on?

That’s a sentence.

Once this one’s done we’re returning to the expansion. What’s that, I saw one kind soul ask.

In brief, it’s our Second Attack. This expansion will come after the Nightmare playthrough, providing a new endgame area. Which, unlike the event bosses, will just always be there. It’ll come with its own story and rewards, and hopefully with more creative assets of our own – from skill icons to your voice contributions, if you’re interested.

It will also serve as an excellent exercise for what’s planned after that, which will be a more… expansive expansion? A campaign, let’s say. With more plots to make sense of, including much of Flagship’s own unfinished story in a fitting way, a more logical leveling curve, and much more for solo-minded players to do. Which we heard you like too.

…I still haven’t taken a proper break yet, but we do love our players.

What’s going to be going on while that’s going on?


Finally, there’s a whole bunch of other stuff that we’ll probably be delving into as proverbial sidequests in the meantime. Fixes, like the bloody Drone, new old stuff, like the other classes (no promises), QoL stuff like you’ve been asking for, class rebalances as is always necessary. The list goes on and on; our feedback receptacles are always open, and they’re always full of stuff to do.

So this bit means to say we won’t just have a pipeline of expansions going forward. Remember when I first teased the expansion? That’s almost a year ago now. So yeah… we can’t just pause releases for so long. There’s the main course, but there’s also all the scenic routes to take too.


And there you have it. Still not extremely short, but hopefully still good enough.

All the best to you, brave survivors. Until next time, happy hunting!


well… time to gear up and finally get that second Syd kill! :scream:

No promises, but we might get to tone that hellhole area down a bit when that comes along. No point in starting at lv59 when there’s nowhere to go, eh? :slight_smile: