CM diary #3 - 03/07/2021

Hello everyone!

Without lengthy introductions, here’s what we’ve been working on since last time.

Polishing the upcoming patch

As I’ve covered in previous entries, we’ve been working hard to ensure the upcoming patch is as polished as it needs to be. This includes major factors, like skill/gear combination effectiveness, damage output, and cost-efficiency, as well as lesser factors like skill description consistency. At the same time, we’ve been trying to tackle both persistent bugs and newfound ones that conflicted with our work.
All in all, the patch is nearly complete. As with previous patches, it couldn’t just be a minor batch of changes, no - it needs to be massive, substantive, and satisfying. Personally, I blame our standards. And extremely tight schedules, but those are to be expected in London’s ravaged hellscape.

Finally, please note that I’m not delving into the patch’s scope here for the sake of text economy. If you’re interested in what the near future holds, kindly refer to earlier diary entries.

Now, speaking of the future.

Working on future stuff

Our developers are even busier than most of us blue people, and have more of a practical burden on their shoulders. Still, creativity needs to be channeled somewhere. So we’ve been taking the time to expand and polish the ideas that couldn’t make it into this patch, thus drafting up the next step. There is no rest for survivors, so we’ve each been engaging in our favorite pastimes:

  • Crafting plots, quest dialogues, and examining the lore
  • Polishing internal tools and experimenting with new additions
  • Playtesting and cross-checking our findings with old and new feedback

And speaking of feedback…

Taking in your feedback

Over the past two weeks we’ve received tremendous feedback from many of you. I’ve been contacted by guild leaders and members who consolidated their views, tests, and ideas into digestible texts. I’ve engaged (as much as time allowed) with players on streams and collected their feedback, and much of it has made it to the forums.
This we appreciate beyond words, and we’ve been examining it carefully. While, of course, not all suggestions can be acted upon, or addressed immediately, or implemented in their initial forms, this has been extremely useful.

Other news

Finally, we were overjoyed to see MarcNet’s return to active development, as well as contributions by other team members. Our personal lives often get in the way of uninterrupted involvement in the project, but any day when London 2038’s HQ buzzes with the voices of old is a day for celebration.

The launcher music is now available for download!

Last-minute edit, because I’m clumsy. The launcher music is now available for download in MarcNet’s Trax in Space profile and BuzzTunes. Audiophiles the world over, rejoice :slight_smile:

So that should be all for this entry. It’s been a slower phase due to our personal schedules, but we always remain committed to this project and work on it within our means. We hope you’ll find what the future holds as exciting as we do.

All the best, and happy hunting.


Hello there,
first of all thanks for the wonderful work and also for the communication!
I think someone else allready wrote it but a very simple thing that i would really like to see, would be the deactivation of the dye-kit color override. Would give much more style-possibilities…


As someone with nine characters who solos, only one of which is in legendary/nightmare mode, I would really like to see quicker leveling in that mode. One version of HG:L had a daily experience buff that increased experience for an hour or two. It was a consumable that you had to collect from a single NPC when your char logged in. Also in all my playtime I’ve only found one trinket or special ring. A higher drop rate would be nice. Thanks for all your work.

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