CM diary #9 - 05/30/2021

Hello, hello!

Just in time, so let’s keep this entry brief and to the point. What’s been going on? What’s been eating up our time? Find out… just below.

Return of the king

First things first, Alternalo returned after an absence of about a week. No, he wasn’t driven away by our overwhelming demands - just personal business.
This means, of course, that work can resume. But did it stop, or…

Ready player two

So after some 10 years of involvement with Hellgate in one way or another, a very basic understanding of very basic stuff, and countless disclaimers that I’m not a dev (which I still am not), it finally happened. I got involved. So what follows here is essentially this, minus some muscles:

BUT, to make this useful for you too, dear readers, here’s what has been done between two weekends:

  • 7 mobs, with their own in-theme affixes. These are some tough ones.
  • 3 Champions, each with their own concept. 1 is a friend of old, back with a buggy vengeance, and another really doesn’t like to share loot.
  • 25 items, of which 23 (+1 old friend) will be divided among the 3 factions, with the remaining 2 sharing another source. None of these will be in the global loot table, rest assured.

This was not a painless process, however. Being new to this, and aiming far higher than a more modest man would, I did mess up here and there. For some visual aid on this topic, behold this monstrosity:

The backstory behind this is simple enough. I wanted to craft a Gunvoker gun, essentially, which would be disguised as a foci - making the build’s gameplay more fluid. So I gave it Negatron’s projectiles, and tweak by tweak it worked.
Except… the foci’s power and the projectiles’ damage got mixed together, it would seem. The results were fairly shady, so of course the item was scrapped completely.

What news do you bring?

Next up, another newcomer has been spotted roaming London.

All we could find out was that she’s an envoy of sorts. Doesn’t appear to be a lazy one either, if I’m permitted a joke. Either way, she seems to bring news of interest…

Quests for life

To finish up with news of our own, then, we have 47 quests in the works - give or take.
For those who prefer action, these will entail action indeed.
For those who are into lore and worldbuilding, and bless you for it, rest assured they’ve all been given utmost care. I wouldn’t have it any other way, when criticism toward the story and overall immersion are neither uncommon nor completely unfounded.

And now…

…I must bid you farewell. Those have been some very tiresome days, and some work still lies ahead. But, if I may insert some potentially biased views here, I’d like to hope the wait will be well worth it.
Until next time then. All the best to you, brave survivors.


Holy shit Bryan. I love this.


what kind of weapon is it ???
where is the screenshot ?
you make it really exciting :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


It was a Mutentacle, and then it became a Locus. It’s still a Locus with a similar concept, but it now works reasonably instead of… like that :joy:


i hope alternalo
had a nice vacation
Or whatever he had to do
Welcome back


Thx, and yeah i’m back from vacation, far from all technology for a week so i’ll have to catch up on all the happenings :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m also very happy about Bryan’s joining the content development, we are really having so much on the table right now it would be too much for me alone, think about running multiple smaller projects simultaneously, i can only fully concentrate on one or two max, making the releases much slower.

First we’ve tried to priorize them in certain order, but eventually we gave up on it as it seemed like we won’t release anything anytime soon like that, but with Bryan’s help we are progressing much faster already.


That weapon kinda looks like driver/engines from Matrix ships. I like it.

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