Comprehensive Augment system overhaul


I think that it would be nice to have a cool feature like I’ll describe below.

Augmentrex 3000. It’s cool stuff, but…

  • randomness of skills is kinda driving me mad
  • you can obtain low grade skill despite using legendary augment property
  • some skills may make the item useless as these are shared between 2 classes - for example getting the guardian skill on a weapon with purely BM skills only

What if we could get an additional scrap item based on the count of affixes while dismantling the loot?
I’d like call them Augment Bits for now and the yield could be as follows:

  • Mythic Affix - 4
  • Legendary Affix - 3
  • Rare Affix - 2
  • Enhanced/Normal Affix - 1

Now, how it will work?

Based on the Affix you want to obtain you need a given amount of Augment Bits and you won’t get that with 100% chance because each variable you choose will lower its chance.

Legendary Affix would require 8000 Augment Bits:

  • Any Legendary Affix - 60% chance
  • Any Legendary Masterful Affix - 30% chance.
  • Desired Masterful Affix - 10% chance.

+1 to all class skills Affix requires 10000 Bits and has 1% chance of success.

If you fail the augmentation process the weapon stays intact.

Im afraid this will lead to a such powercreep it would be unhealty for the game. What you suggest is pretty much equivalent of PoE Harvest which would be okish if we had wipes every 3 months aswell. But even then people got bored in like 1 month into the league because of how easy it was to craft almost BiS gear. And all this considering how much endgame content PoE have.
Here in london2038 if anything i feel we need to slow down item progression and nerf the dmg even more because at the end of week 2 people already have enough damage to take down endgame bosses quite fast. Give it 1 or 2 more weeks and it will be almost the same as pre beta - you wont have enough time to load in and boss will be already at the death door.
Right now we dont have that much endgame content to progress, bosses that require completely min maxed gear, dps checks or enrage mechanics.
Im not saying that your suggestion is inherently bad. It could have a place in game for sure…a few years or a decade later, in case if we’d get x5 of current endgame content, complete rework/rebalance or just a huge lot of new items, new super hard bosses that would require every small bit, every 0.1% improve of your gear. But right now? Players are getting item upgrades way too fast even without trading. Sure making +1 Maverick’s/VT/Somberg’s/Visors/Hexer’s/etc takes time but there are people around already running with those on top of lets say 500+ total minion damage feral’s sets or some other insanity.
Im already concerned with player retention when people will get their alts geared up at the end of the month or so.

I can totally understand quick progression in this game so far. Lets say that this is mostly for the testing purposes.


Dev Team is not backed up by a whole studio. You should know that these guys are just a bunch of fans who are trying to revive and improve the game. Who knows if we’d get something like Hellgate: Berlin in the future since most of the Devs are (I believe) from Germany.

I am well aware of that thats why i say

Or i should have said “…in the distant future, 18 years later in a year of 2038…”? :upside_down_face:

Powercreep is a very true concern, and we do need to keep player retention in mind as well. That’s part of why we let a few things be harder resource sinks than many would like, or kept a few things like the Unique rings entirely up to chance. That’s why I often object to the argument of “artificial longevity”; we already lack many systems and gated content/assets that can prolong the game, and we only got the SP campaign along with SH and half of an Abyss to work on.

Now, I’m not saying this is an inherently bad suggestion either. I like the concept, and it’s not unlikely that we may see something of the sort. But first we’ll need to provide much more in terms of endgame content, so powercreep is kept to a minimum and players have something to work towards.
That said, we do have a very long list in that regard. Our size and schedules don’t permit breakneck development speeds, but we definitely have much on the table that should slowly rectify some glaring issues and let us expand.



That’s definitely an option. Seasons were among the very first ideas we had when the project began, but it’s a very tricky process to implement and get right as things stand.
I suppose it can be considered more seriously once we have some more fundamental content in place; skillgroup overhauls (ie Swordsmanship/Group attack, Evocation, Command/Mind Power, etc), expertises, Dawn-like content, and so on. Though I do see the point in adding content with seasons, a la PoE.

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You removed the Normal-mode button, could you just reimplement it as Elite but called it season and then just delete all season chars every couple of month?

Seasons? That false feeling of progress?

Each season would need to feature new class or at least changes to the existing ones. Skill trees would need to be broadened a lot, so we would have more distinctive builds.
Then the season ends, we get a wipe and I (personally) would not bother playing again.

You see, I am more like a player who seeks the game that will give me truly stable, never-changing progress. Each wipe makes it harder for me to start playing again, yet I do understand that some are needed for balance purposes and such.

Making this game party-focused with distinctive classes would bring much more fun to the gameplay itself.

Enough about the seasons, wipes, etc. I believe that this thread should be focused on the proposed system instead.

P.S. A “Suggestions/Ideas” sub-forum would be a great addition to the forum itself.

I think a good idea is to hold on untill devs reach a point that will say “OK now we can do something extra”.

Take care!


My suggestion is that while they could introduce new or hybrid classes (place auto-advertisement of my other thread here) based on the same gear we have, this system would be brilliant.