Constant game crashes

My game has started to crash very frequently now. Been playing for about a month but it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as recently. Nothing in particular seems to trigger the crashes either it seems.

Crashes seem to range from a couple hours in to gameplay to as little as 5-10 minutes in to gameplay. There are no error messages either. The game just locks up but the audio is still there and Task Manager just shows the application is not responding.

I’ve updated graphics drivers, messed with video settings, and checked the forums for similar issues but haven’t found anything recent for troubleshooting. Any help/ advice is much appreciated!

Are you or anyone you partying with a summoner with a lot of minions? Also is elemental nova being used a lot. That has been known to cause a lot of crashing in my experience, an issue even from retail days from what I understand

Aw man, yeah I am… Darkform melee summoner

I’ll have 9 shadow minions, 6 elementals, a shaman, and my elemental nova is on an 8 second cooldown. I was hoping it wouldn’t be something related to the class I picked.