Couple of gamplay ideas

Brompton: how about having a similar thing to DOD at the end third of Brompton. Where there sits an Oriax type of Boss and spawns tons of zombies with some regen so that you dont throw a strike and it is over. I really miss the levels where you fight against the respawn (like Necropolis see below). He might be guarding the occasional hellrift. I allways have the feeling that there should be some end action.

Parliament: The different zones all have an endboss (with the quest) but i think he needs more hp to make it a bit of a fight (the machine gun guy can fuck you up though) and the rewards be upped a bit to make it worth it.

Catas: i really miss the Abyss summoner spawns as they used to be in Catas. These could be really deadly especially when healthy. And we dont encounter them very often in other places.

Portculis: Iā€™d rather have this a really long maze type map as annoying as they can be but with a higher chance of a hellrift. Currently the check portculis, create new instance, check portculis routine is a bit dumb.

Necropolis: this used to be a feared zombie area and kindof a checkpoint on the way to sydo, where it could happen that you get overwhelmed (though we didnt have so many aoe options back then). Nowadays there rarely spawn zombies and when then in low numbers. The area generally has a low mob density. It also qualifies for runs with something good at the end as it is a pretty long way to necro 5. We already have the one quest with the occulus boss but it could be made a daily run.

As the Zombie summoner is my sworn enemy on stream, I categorically approve of more minibosses but not more bloody Zombie summoners

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