Dark Form Butterfly: Triple Your DPS

Teaser Video

Breaking Down Dark Form Basic Attack Animations

The video above is slowed down drastically so you can see how Dark Form functions and exactly how this technique is possible. I will be referencing this video as I teach my fellow Summoners how to Butterfly.

Attacking Standing Still

  • From 0:00 - 0:18
  • You can replicate this animation by standing still and holding down your attack key.
  • The melee attack registers as a hit in the frames where the arm goes out in front and swipes to one of the sides.
  • Everything after the actual swipe is just wasted animation frames
  • It’s important to note that the only important aspect of the melee animation is when the arm is swiping infront of the Summoner.

Normal Side-to-Side Hopping

  • From 0:19 - 0:42
  • You can replicate this animation by holding down your attack key and pressing down a direction key.
  • Please note that the same key frames exist in this animation. The “swipe” is what triggers the hit animation.
  • Also note every time your Summoner lands, there is a long animation delay observed by watching the buckling of the Summoner’s Knees as well as the bobbing of the Summoner’s head.

How to Perform Butterfly

First off, let me start by saying as of writing this post, the London 2038 development team has deemed this a “technique” or an “enhancement” to Dark Form. It is not currently categorized as a bug or an exploit.

Secondly, let me try and explain what “Butterfly” is. The idea came from an old game I used to play called Gunz. I’ll include reference videos at the bottom showcasing what their “butterfly” looked like. In both games (Gunz & London 2038) the butterfly technique is essentially using attack and frame cancellations that prevent wasted attack or movement animations which allow for faster attacks.

Lastly, please keep in mind that is may not be possible for players to achieve with higher pings. I generally have 20-60ms ping while playing this game, and have played Summoner - specifically Dark Form Summoners since I was in Alpha Testing, so I’ve had time to practice and get the movements right in regards to my own ping.

Basic Butterfly

  • From 0:43 - 0:59
  • Keep in mind what we are primarily removing is the side-to-side hop excess animation.
  • You will notice that it appears as if the Summoner’s feet just tap the ground instead of causing the Summoner to buckle & bob as before.


Assuming A is Left, D is Right and Left Click is Attack
Hold Down A -> Left Click -> Release A -> Hold Down D -> Left Click -> Release D

Advanced Butterfly

  • From 0:59 - 1:34
  • Same instructions as the basic variation, however there are distinct differences
    1. You aren’t waiting to tap the ground
    1. You ideally want to be able to remain in a single general spot. There’s no side-to-side movement at all.
  • Much faster key strokes as compared to the Basic.
  • Keep in mind it is possible to go too fast and cause your swipe animation to cancel.


Assuming A is Left, D is Right and Left Click is Attack
Hold Down A -> Left Click -> Release A -> Hold Down D -> Left Click -> Release D

Final Result & Comments

As you can see, by eliminating the excess animations in Dark Form, you can achieve extremely fast attack speed without accuracy. Hopefully this helped you out some as we continue on with London 2038.

For the Living. Buzz Buzz.

Dark Form Attack Animations Normal Speed

Gunz Butterfly

Initial Bug Report:
Format of Data:
First Kill: [First Hit | Last Hit]

Standing Still
First Kill: 1:31 [0:11 | 1:42]
Second Kill: 1:35 [1:55 | 3:30]
Third Kill: 1:34 [3:41 | 5:15]
Average Kill Time: 93.3 Seconds
Video: https://www.screencast.com/t/euZzLDxtxLx

Side-to-Side (Normal)
First Kill: 0:47 [0:13 | 1:00]
Second Kill: 0:45 [1:14 | 1:59]
Third Kill: 0:48 [2:11 | 2:59]
Average Kill Time: 46.6 Seconds
49.95% DPS Improvement Over Standing Still
Video: https://www.screencast.com/t/weeSNATzbrQu

Side-to-Side (Butterfly)
First Kill: 0:35 [0:12 | 0:47]
Second Kill: 0:33 [0:57 | 1:30]
Third Kill: 0:36 [1:41 | 2:17]
Video: https://www.screencast.com/t/28glccI4
Average Kill Time: 34.6 Seconds
25.75% DPS Improvement Over Normal Side-to-Side

Damn ! so many memories from Gunz !

IIRC we had to do jump=dash=slash=block for the basic butterfly. It opened so many gameplay possibilities and allowed some crazy gun fights. Really cool game i wonder if it’s still around.

Xto’s here, dark form summoner player from global.
Will you be able to fix summoner dark form melee sound or transfer it from blademaster.
It has always been bothering me, a solution to the silent hits would make me kinda happy :slight_smile:

Best Regards.

sorry if this is thread necromancy, but it is still relevant as the “feature” still exists.

as of writing this post, the London 2038 development team has deemed this a “technique” or an “enhancement” to Dark Form. It is not currently categorized as a bug or an exploit.

while i do enjoy performing some small tricks to improve character’s performance, possibly trippling the DPS is too much. things that makes this feature bad:

  • unique technique - AFAIK no other class benefits this much from animation resetting or at all.
  • power - up to x3 the DPS annd shadow spawn rate is way too much, making the technique mandatory.
  • obscurity - i was trying to do animation resets before, but couldn’t succeed resetting Darkform’s melee without this guide. i believe it is safe to assume that overwhelming majority of players won’t know or utilize the techinque, creating a massive gap between different players.
  • deceptiveness - Darkform mentions gaining melee speed from accuracy, which seems to be pointless when such a gigantic boost can be gained without any investment. i understand melee attack speed will make hit trigger even faster, but making use of it will require incredible precision from a player, unlike merely boosting damage or elemental attacks.
  • fatigue - no other build requires performing this sort of rapid combo clicking, making it the most tiresome option out there.
  • balance - with this techinque, Dark Form’s on-paper DPS needs to stay at or below 1/3 of comparable classes’, making the build look unappealing to unaware players.

if fixing animation transitions isn’t an option, perhaps hit trigger point could be moved to the very end of each animation, making animation resetting pointless.