Dark Form Testing

Hey guys, I’m posting some test results here because I need more input and collaboration from peoples.

Moar Dark Form Testing:
FOCUS 1: 19 Power (White)
FOCUS 2: 57 Power
+19% Increased Damage
+42% Damage to Demons
FOCUS 3: 51 Power
+18% Increased Damage

Dark Form melee weapons are not acting like other melee weapons. If we have a extremely weak foci and a strong foci we should see a large discrepancy in the damage between individual attacks.
I now believe that the Dark Form Focus weapons are merging their Base Power similar to Evoker’s Damage Formula.

The basic formula is below (broken down to be easy):
(Power 1 + Power 2) x 0.6 = Base Spell Power

Focus 1 & Empty = 19 Power (No Modifier)
Focus 1 & 3 = 42 Power
Focus 1 & 2 = 45.6 Power
Focus 2 & 3 = 64.8 Power


Even MOAR Dark Form Testing:
FOCUS 1: 57 Power
+19% Increased Damage
+42% Damage to Demons

43 Strength (43% Increased Damage)

My character is not very developed, but I should have enough strength to see a damage difference.
I suspect that Strength is not functioning correctly.

Focus 1 in Summoner Form
Focus 1 in Dark Form


Also, to all CMs & Devs, I uploaded another bug form on how DPS is extremely volatile, up to 3x the DPS. Maybe something is off here?