Darkform, where do we want it?

[Disclaimer - This is alpha and therefor all current abilities are subject for change]

Warning for incoherent blabber

So… Summoner Darkform, what was it’s intended purpose ?, i’d like to believe that whoever hatched the idea of darkform, intended for Summoners to gain another build that would be viable for gameplay and endgame content.

So here’s which bonuses we currently KNOW the darkform gains.
+Health from Darkform ability.
+Melee damage from Strength (like all other classes +1% melee dmg per point in Str).
+Melee speed (Roughly +5% AS per 50 Accuracy points iirc).

Here’s what we know after testing.
The melee achievement bonus - Pugilist +100% punch damage - does not apply to Darkform melee.

Here’s what we’re guesstimating.
The Darkforms “additional melee damage” from strength does not apply.
(Define Additional - “added, extra, or supplementary to what is already present or available” )

So… For example, a Darkform Summoner with 300str would/should receive 300+300% bonus to melee.
Then if Darkform’s melee attack would/should count as punching - There is another 100% bonus.

And by this time you’re all thinking “that’s crazy OP broken everyone rolls Darkform”… but lets think about this.

I play a Darkform summoner with over 300 strength, and very good Bloodshards with high damage and almost 100% shieldpenetration. Yet compared to a Blademaster who is not as geared, i do no damage on Vortex Wraith’s in Nightmare difficulty.
This means that even with the current state of Darkforms +1% melee damage per strength, at a whooping 300 strength, a blademaster will less gear will still EASILY outdps my Darkform.
So maybe now you might be starting to think that this 300+300 might not be so OP.

On the other hand. Blademasterplayers will cry that it would be no point rolling blademasters if you can just create a summoner and do just as much damage - but what they don’t take in consideration is how hard it is to get geared as a Darkform summoner - compared to a blademaster.

Then we have another issue - the attributes vs weapons.

Currently the best weapons and attribute-allocation is full Accuracy with Coreslashers /ripshards because of crit, and this leaves strength/bloodshards in the dust for endgame/bosses. An Ripshard high AS-Darkform will crit ALOT and hit very very fast - even brucelee fast with butterfly dancing.

Bloodshards has the ability to get a higher damage due to 3 modslots, but they never had crit, unless it’s an augment that adds the stat - but will never reach Slashers/ripshards 25% crit.
This leaves str-based darkforms a lesser option - despite having 2/3xbonus to melee damage.

Crit Vs Raw damage has always been a topic of interest for me - do i want to constantly hit hard, or do i want to gamble and crit my target in the face for alot of pain ?.
We all know crit is king… Evokers, Blademasters and even MM rely heavily on Crit with builds.

But with the Darkform’s bonuses, crit should be another option next to raw damage. Otherwise we have just another useless focus that is very very rare to drop - so when Bloodshard would drop - a normal Coreslasher would still be better .

Then we have another issue - the armors and the darkforms intentions - dps or tank ?.

We all know it doesn’t matter how much health you have, if you dont’ have mitigation, your 5k health will vanish in a flash from hardhitting mobs like Slayers and other monsters. On my Tankguardian i have over 90% damage mitigation/2k health and can pretty much stand in an army of Bladeslayers on Nightmare and tank them forever.
On my Darkform with its current health being almost 3600 health, will get bitchslapped by anything that hits hard, like Bladeslayers, Vortex Wraiths etc etc.

So here’s where it gets confusing and the warning sign I want it all starts blinking…
Should Darkform summoners really be able to tank like a Guardian while putting out dps like a Blademaster?, and to be completely honest, i don’t know the answer to that.

Yes - people would start rolling summoners because they can do it all, and this would/could be bad for the game. I’m not saying players will do it. Some players just don’t like the playstyle and will stick to what they like - simple as that.

But here is where the darkform currently is. It’s can’t really take a punch, and blademasters leaves them in the dust in melee damage. Atleast 1 of it’s “intended” bonuses does’t apply. And it’s strengthbuild pales in comparisson to Accuracy dmg - despite melee dmg bonuses.

So, the question is, what are the intentions with the Darkform.