Disappeared Items

The game keeps crashing.

I can’t enter any of the dungeons.

Items are constantly disappeared.

Today I bought a belt and it disappeared on my stash.

Also it appeared a weird situation,

There is a guy tried to say that there are no bugs or glitches in Hellgate then the game was shutdown.

When I entered the game again, my items were disappeared.

Hello there,
The game is by no means glitch-free. It’s outlined on the known issues list and the signup page too:

  • Stability and uptime are not guaranteed.
    You understand and agree that the current state of the game you will be testing may change at any moment, critical bugs may exist, data may be lost, the server may be down at any time, and that the purpose of this test is to determine areas for fixes and improvements rather than purely to play Hellgate again.

Now, your situation sounds more extreme than most. So I’d suggest either joining the project’s Discord for direct support or sending in a detailed bug report so it can be looked into.

I tested one of the dungeons and it seems fine.
I looked at the market and saw that the belt I bought was sold for 35000.
There is someone I suspect.This isn’t the first time this has happened.
At first I thought it was a bug from the game.It has been so many times I’ve stopped counting.My stash opens and closes , I saw my items being taken.

If I’m understanding this properly, you’re suspecting human interference? Because if so, third parties cannot interfere with your items.
In either case, this alleged frequency of issues is highly abnormal - so I’d suggest the above channels of support.

Tech components , rings are disappeared.I tried to make a ring it disappeared.I can’t explain.

Try to make a Video from it. Its better to show that, so we know whats goin on.

Tried get bug report.

Guys, maybe I’m meddling in the wrong business, but-For starters, have you tried to replace the password?

Yesterday was very strange.I sent all the computers in the office for service.

I tested it today , game is back to normal and the ring is back too.
Thank you for helping so quickly.

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I’m happy for you.And I would still recommend changing the password to log in to the game.Just in case. :slightly_smiling_face: :nerd_face: