Do you feel like early game enemy elemental resistances and attack strengths are too high?

all of my characters fails to ignite or poison enemies where it would make a difference. that’s with specialized weapons stuffed with best relevant mods and skills that deals the same damage type, but without elemental strength boosting skills, like Elemental Beacon or Elemental Drain. do they really make that much of a difference? i had a Double-Edged rifle with almost 400 ignite and 300rpm at lvl 20-25 and it would only occasionally ignite the toughest of enemies when they’re almost dead anyway. didn’t try as hard with poison - i gave up when i realized i could just put damage mods into higher level weapons instead and kill everything faster, not just big targets.

same with enemy attacks - hundreds of stun defence later and rare monsters half a dozen levels beneath me with on-death physical field would stun me for several seconds all the same, just for a second or so less.

I play as an ignite poison summoner and i have no problems at all. But i specialized my build to it.
And i dont have that much poison or ignite str (200-300).

Just a rifle with 300rpm and 400ignite isnt good enough.
You can have fire-field granade launcher with 300+ ignite and then swap to a rifle with 400rpm with 6 or 7 mods wich have 100+ ignite, elemental beacon + multishot and give 'em hell.

How much of a difference elemental beacon gives idk, i never build an ele-str MM. -1000 ele def doesnt sound that strong tbh but idk how the formula is.
You can also have napalm strike aswell as elemental vision and elemental vision with 150% increase is rly good.

You have to commit to it and build around it.

I just spent about 15 minutes trying to kill a rare spawn with regeneration, i was using 2
different swords. One ignite and one poison, and i couldn’t get the healthbar to move.
My guardian was L12 with spamming R2 Reckoning with legendary swords.

I deffo think that the amount of health regen on the lower lvls could be lowered.
I also streamed this on Discord for a dev, and posting here.

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Yep at low lvls its rediculous, even wors as templar.
But if you think thats annoying then wait until you see a teleporting/vanishing warper with regen and toughness.
As an ignite poison char i dont even notice them anymore and i was afraid that my starter build wouldnt be good enough XD

how do you get several fitting mods with such extrame attack strength at lvl20-30? that’s my problem. i get enough mods to assemble such weapon only during Sydonai farm. and that comes long after lvl30.

Hours long craft vendor farm.

doesn’t sound like a fun way of spending time.
so it’s doable, but almost nobody is going to do that.
i believe it should not be like that.

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Its a grind game and for some builds you need a lot of stuff.

Oh try lvling a GG (GunGuardian) with his proc mods as first class, these mods are still rediculous rare, the most rare mods i feel (at least during story)

But yea i would like if you have it easier early on to make those builds.
Wich is weird for the proc mods, i know that i could just farm the craft vendor for some hours and i was fine in the original version but in this version i got in ~3h farming one or two, i need 14!
Also funny in 1.5 the on hit mods feel more common then before but still rediculous rare.