Dreadmasks,spike helmets and navshell helmets

I saw how the drop rates of these items were reduced and why, but can you make it so that these items
are not reduced so drastically? I am a hardcore player, and the dreadmasks and spike helmets have the
armor rating that i prefer to use. Please consider this, thank you

Hi, welcome back :slight_smile:

Thank you, noted. Do they feel excessively rare as they are?
Also do note, there are plans to add these item types to daily quest rewards. It’s not a full solution, but it’d be a step.

Thanks for your reply, to me they have been too rare lately,
after constant farming in wake hallow, wilds and moloch I
have found only 2 dreadmasks and no spike helms yet.
and to have them added to quest rewards would be helpful,

Since my last post, i have been continuing to farm for these items and I still find them somewhat too rare now. Maybe the drop rate can be increased, not excessively but equivalent to the drop rate of other types
of helmets. I hope that this is something that will be considered, thank you

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