Durable player portals

I would like to have player portals (bi directional) be durable (may be the wrong word). Meaning the portal should survive exit and reentry to the game. Like surviving player death. Only one allowed as it is now. They should still be single bidirectional use.


Hi there!
These are already in the game and called PRD - Personal Relocation Device aka Town Portals. Recall on the other hand is a single-use, single-direction portal, that only gets you back to the last visited station. Both are ‘durable’ in the sense that they last, even if a player dies up until they are used. Unless you mean something like logging out and closing the game or crashing. (please clarify, if this was not your idea)
Hope this helps.


I meant PRD’s but was out of game and forgot the name. Durable meaning just what you mentioned; the PRD could potentially last months until it was used (both ways). Think of it as a temp portal that lasts until used. (or a second PRD were used).

I would love to have that. The recall may target a location you would rather not use. I have found myself using recalls followed by a teleport where I would rather be.


I don’t think that’s technically possible. That’s before discussing its possible usefulness or appeal, of course (which I personally don’t see, but that’s secondary).

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