DX10 Dynamic/Interactive Smoke?

Hey there. I really miss the dynamic/interactive smoke they implemented in DX10 mode back in the day. It was specifically visible in the Sewer levels where the smoke would react to your movements.

Is there a way to enable this or get it back?

“DX10 Smoke” is still in the options menu (you have to select DX10 from the launcher first). But I must admit that I haven’t noticed whether it functions as it originally did in the FSS days. I will check the next time that I am playing a sewer level.

I know it’s in the option menu and I thought it would be there as I remember it, but it’s definitely disabled. Flagship might have disabled it themselves back with the Test Center patch because of performance issues.

I don’t remember the details from back then - but I just loved the smoke :wink:

I did take a look earlier on a low level character. You’re right. It’s not there is it? Even though the option for it is.

It’s a real time fluid simulation, you can interact with the smoke that come from those cracks in the ground at street level and foggy areas at catacombs.

The effect in 2038 is buggy atm, but it’s there, usually below ground level so you won’t actually see it or it won’t start emitting the particles.