Dx9 Will not run

Every time i try to run the game as Dx9 it does the small loading screen and just never loads and i cant stop the program i have to restart my pc is there ANYWAY i can fix this its unplayable at the moment i always crash at the bosses

bump please help its making the game unplayable

Can help you with this.
But turn off v-sync and triple-buffering and turn on windowed.
If you have still crashes then try turning off windowed again see if that helps.

i did try all that and it still crashs randomly even just being in town its crashed , i also tried to delete all hellgate files and reloaded everything and it still locks up it will pull up the little load screen before the game launchs and just sit there forever with a load circle on my mouse and i cant even close it or click on anything else the whole thing just blocks my pc till i do a restart

DX9 is overbright like with very bad gloom effect. Also all colours are to intense and bright. Looks bad.

Why You even need to run it on DX9?