Early game item schematics could use a reduction in material costs

i wanted to see if i can get any ignite mods on my early game characters (~13lvl) and the material costs were insaaaaanse - over 200 of each material while i only have like 1/10 of the required amount. i get that the salvage amount picks up quickly after, but it would still mean spending all my scrap on a set for a single gun that i will probably outlevel by the time i can fill all the slots with matching mods.

mod acquisition is 100% RNG no matter the source, it doesn’t need to be this expensive on top of that.

the post is about overall earlygame crafting costs, it’s just that suitable mods are the haradest equipment to find right now.

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Seconded. While you’re basically swimming in materials during end game, and the team behind 2038 has done some nice things to find new uses for them, the crafting costs in the beginning of the game are absurdly, comically high. I can understand why that hasn’t been a priority - you simply do not spend a whole lot of time as a low-level - but I, too, would like to see low-level crafting costs brought down to something more reasonable.