Early to Mid-game - BM performance pt2. (v 1.5.6b)

Dear gentle reader,

I welcome you to the second and last part of my BM focused research on its early game performance. In case you have missed my previous article, do not fret. As this one can be found here.
If you wish to read a little more about the other classes early on, please take a look here.

Now, as my BM progressed further and further, I also had to address some of the disclaimers.
Especially the one about solo play only. This does indeed make sense earlier in the storyline.
But as one as a player and tester progresses, one inevitably meets fellow survivors without a doubt. So to represent this, it has been changed to a more fitting one:

  • solo play only
    → parties are allowed for act/quest bosses (fellow party members are allowed to be a maximum of 10 levels higher than the player)

The 5th act may look a little short on my results, but there is a reason for that. More on that later on.
So, with this out of the way and updated, here are the results of act 4 and 5 of the storyline (up until lvl 31) and including the tutorial questline until the retrainer.

Act 4
  • had to do a little bit of backtracking, but caught up in little time
  • Necrofiend got killed with a little delay. Other Summoners were around and buffed each other up. So these had to be cleared out first.
  • heading into Eastcheap!
  • lvl 21 - Ufolc messed with the wrong folk and got a fair share of beating.
  • reached lvl 22 in Tudor Street
  • Lord Leraneng was a bit chewy, but that was mostly due the robust-affix. Staying out of aoes will prolong ones life.
  • Telamon the Pina… eehrm Guardian! Wasn’t too hard. Loot was nice :slight_smile:

Pesto Pause! … alla Calabrese. :sunglasses:

  • These Warpers were a little annoying to find, but what can one do?
  • lvl 22 - Fleet Street - 4 out of 9 Plague Zombies got killed by npcs. >_<
  • item bougth at Templar Base: Bane of St. George - Crusader Wrath skill token - 500 Palladium (in total 2k palladium spent)
  • after porting back into Fleet Street three times, I finally killed all quest related Plague Zombies
  • lvl 22 95% - The Unholy got sliced n’ diced.
  • another AB lvl 21 - short stop in town to restock, hand in quests and upgrade stuffs
    → got a better helmet shortly before entering, used stat points accordingly, but after going through the prd back stats got messed up. so I needed to spend another stat point for feeds -.-
    → Undead: Zombies, skeletons, vortex giants, etc.
    → AB fully cleared at lvl 23 90%, 0 deaths
    → CotC has proven its worth again. No in n’ out of door shenanigans had to be used to survive in there. Given how ‘bad’ my gear was, this whole thing was very doable and really engaging+satisfying!
    → decent loot and almost 1 lvl-up (2 legendaries, 1 DE and some blues)
  • lvl 23 95% - El Temblo es el muerto.
  • another AB … and another death to imps and slayers *sighs
    → waaay to crowded around the entrance. even after going in and out of the door all the while having AoD with ~45% AND CotC, it didn’t really help. THIS is not satisfying.
    → 2nd try - and another death. Well, here comes the penatly of 5 minutes!
    → skipped this one
  • lvl 24 80% - Laments death wasn’t lamentable at all. All this blinking …
  • lvl 24 85% - Peril wasn’t perilous at all. Once the shields went down, SoA almost 1shot it.
  • Austen the Confused - whose quest brought me to lvl 25 !
  • The quest ‘Three’s a company’ bugged out on me and only 3 out of 4 Scanners spanwed on the map. Had to manually reset everything.
  • lvl 25 35% - Ripcage got … ripped to pieces. lol
  • lvl 25 50% - a bunch of rare/legendary Orbiles ! - good thing I kept a grappler :sunglasses:
  • lvl 25 60% - The Beast of Abbadon died alongside its small blue fell(a)bores. Sadly the Edge of Abbadon didn’t drop.
  • lvl 25 ~80% - The Beguiler tried to kite me for some time. Again the good ol’ Grappler brought it back down to earth.
  • Another AB ! - mostly undead and some demons. No Imps ! Nice !
    → fully cleared, 0 deaths, 2 legendaries, 5 rares
  • lvl 26 60% - Mutilator + Morbat got killed without issues. No fancy drops though.
  • AB alert !
    → Beast: mostly hulks and screechers. Let’s do this …
    → Ab fully cleared! 0 Deaths, but a lot of in-and-out at the beginning. :confused: The density in there could really take an hit. I mean, the exp-gain is there and also the drops. But when you get killed over and over again, JUST to get some breathing room, it seems kinda pointless to clear (especially ABs with e.g. Imps Snipers) in the end.
    → Loot was okay-ish. 1 legendary and a handful of rares. Can’t complain. Leveled up until 27 55%
  • The train part bug/exploit still works. :confused: Makes like 80% of the quest right before Exodus just obsolete.
  • Bloodblade took some time (~1 minutes) … and could’ve taken longer! Being an act boss I think this duration of a fight is not too bad, given my gear is way less than optimal, even for my level. It’s ai was partially really just doing nothing at all and just standing there, rarely attacking. As it’s attacks have really strong life-steal this fight could have become quite difficult. Again, sfx like phase and poison help a lot here.
  • All the fellow templar got saved. Cheers Emmera!
  • Before setting off for Broker and after that Liverpool Street, I went shopping.
    25k palladium left to spend!
    → Items bought:
    • Toshizo’s Sode 6666p
    • Sydonais Thorax 5000p (decent tankyness for its price)
    • Vivian’s Gauntlets (15str/15stam/12acc!) 5000p
    • Kakozuri of the Laughing God 7500p (I really wanted to keep CotC without spending too many skillpoints, if any)
      → in total 24166p spent (+2k from earlier = 26166p; limit = 27k)
      → tankyness almost doubled (600hp → 994hp) and dps also almost doubled from 450~ to roughly 750-800
  • Another AB at Mark Lane Station!
    → Beasts again
    → The recently bought items really paid off here, no back and forth, just relentless pushing and slaughtering of demonkind. Like the Doomslayer, but without guns. :smiley:
    → lvl 28 75% - This is the moment when Charge feels like it fails more consistently in applying its damage (only 1 hard point specced into Charge!)
    → AB fully cleared, 0 deaths. 1 legendary drop and about a dozen rares.
  • Met the Broker … but I’ll continue his questline, once I reach Liverpool.
  • Reached Liverpool Station at lvl 28 95% !
Act 5
  • Just plain stormed through the Brokers questline, as all those mobs from earlier are just a cakewalk. With all the new toys that I bought even more so.
  • shortly after: Praised be RNG-sus ! A lucky Haluan’s Might dropped!
  • lvl 29 15% - Salgrum in Liverpool Approach was no issue whatsoever. The Backpack is here! woot!
  • This Primrose was full of spectrals. (Furies, those small little critters and … Blackcrone) Pretty squishy ensemble there, but I was phased almost 24/7. This made me look like a lilac crhistmas tree!
  • Necropolis lvl 1 - Another AB! Mostly Undead and some demons. Let’s put them to their eternal rest … and hopefully their last.
    → AB fully cleared, 0 deaths, really nice loot! (2 uniques, 3 legendaries, 8 rares, 1 DE)
    → got to level 30! … time to become a whirling ball of rage with Whirlwind!
  • Necropolos lvl 5 - Miner’s request was finished. No issues. The Miners Pickaxe looks really nice, but wasn’t very usable for me.
    → WW made clearing super smooth and effortless. Paired with Crusader Wrath it was great!
  • All the 5 Tests cleared without hitches
  • Turned lvl 31 on my way to John Milton Passage
  • Grabbed the last quest from Miner to get to Leader for the Retrainer :slight_smile:
  • Game crashed while fighting Quincy the first time. xD
  • Second time was multiple tries to fight it alone. Toxin weapons worked, but my dps still wasnt enough.
    → open party announcement! (this technically breaks the disclaimers, but at this point it is unreasonable to not being in a party at least once)
    → a nice Engineer lvl 39 named D3vli666 joined me and together we got this beast killed!

Once I got to Liverpool Street, I decided to push the story rather than all sidequests, as I was already lvl 30 and didn’t want to level to far ahead. At this time mobs were already 2 levels behind me, so I thought throttling down wouldn’t be too bad while still maintaining a more reasonable picture of everything. The only two sidequests that I did, where the ones for Primrose and those for the first map before each of the Tests.

Total time played: 22h19m6s (this includes 2 lunchbreaks, several bathroom/coffee breaks, 2x 30 minute buff time-outs and 2x penalty for failed ABS)
Total deaths: 4

Skills used
  • 1 Matched Blades
  • 1+2 Sword of Reckoning, 1 Sword of Authority
  • 5 (from items) Call of the Chosen
  • 1 Aura of Power
  • 2 Surge of Restoration, 1 Templar Restoration
  • 2 Surge of Wrath, 3 Crusader Wrath
  • 1 Surge of Speed
  • 1 Surge Mastery
  • 2 Sword of Justice, 3 Sweeping Strike, 1 Whilrwind
  • 4 Holy Instinct
  • 1 Charge
  • 4 Aura of Deflection

Total CH budget: 31000P of which has been spent: 26166P

Gear+quality in use:

  • 5 unique (shoulders, chest, gloves, legs + sword )
  • 2 legendary (trinket, sword)
  • 3 rares (helmet, belt, boots)

In summary there is some things to mention. Lets see:


Skill-wise BM has some really nice things to offer, given one uses them to their full potential. SPeaking of potential: I see CotC being one of these skills that, due to mechanical issues, can achieve greatness or plunge one into the darkest depths of damnation and despair.
It’s just like that. Either it works with 500% efficacy or not at all. Sometimes the target doesn’t even get taunted at all. Some other time, the legendary mobs you wanted to fight a second later are already running away, because they got feared. :weary:
Also, more than 5 seconds fear isn’t healthy. You don’t want to chase mobs down dark alleyways, you want to kill them … mostly. So if CotC had a 5s fear duration at max level it would really provide a great flow! You fear a big bunch around a nasty legendary mob and once that one is killed they all come back. Ready and eager to be … processed.
Also, a note I really want to emphasize on, BM has reasonable(!) aoe. It is not hunter or cabalist level and never should be, but more than enough to deal with crowds being throw at the player. Correct positioning and skill use is the most important thing here, to make the most of it.

Small hint: Sweeping Strike has a radius of around 3,5 to 4m! So that’s a pbaoe of around 7-8m in diameter! Just think about it.
So finding and creating a fluidity in movement and combat is overall really enjoyable with this class.


Progressing always felt really good thanks to being a sturdy templar. If one keeps up with their gear and switches out low level pieces for better ones, tankyness is ensured!
Weapons, specifically swords are a BMs plaything, so focusing on those is obviously important.
While I feel finding the proper sfx type combination is more of a personal matter, bosses like Quincy are different. There it is more important, even imperative to look at what brings results and gets things killed, more than style. Frequent modding and upgrading, not necessarily aug-ing, helps when there is nothing fitting on the CH (if cheap enough and not with an overly inflated prizetag) or amongst drops.

So yeah … this is the end of my journey on Blademaster. It was really fun and brought me a few more, new insights into the class and its gameplay.
With the upcoming weeks I will focus on some other things to test.

Did I miss anything? Typos? Mistakes that could’ve been avoided? Tell me!

~cheers !

€: typos … again. When will this finally come to and end ?!?