Email address error when transferring things

I don’t know who to turn to.I’m writing here.I mistakenly sent a few things to the address-“ember”.How do I get them back.I tried it in the chat, no one responded.Sender-Sanesta

Oh you mean ingame mail? Sending items to other chars?

When the char doesnt exist then you get sended them back to your mail or trading post, cant remember wich.
This takes some while, you should clear your mail space after you checked your mails before deleting them of course. Just in case your mail space is full.

When you send them to an actual player, i dont know what to do.

Thanks for the reply.It remains to be hoped that the person will be decent and will return those things that he received by mistake.Or, at least, he’ll ask what’s the matter.

Just send him another mail, that you send it mistakenly to him and if he would be so kind to send it back.
It also can be, that he/she doesnt play anymore…

I can send him another item by mail, but I do not know how to send a text message, specifically to him, asking him to return the items.
By the way, is there any way I can contact this player other than internal mail?It’s not in the Discord.Or I didn’t find it.

Nope, just ingame per mail or through whisper.

Under the item slot is a big box, just write your massage in there.
You can send him the same way you send him the item, you write above his name.

“whisper”-how is that?

Thanks.Turn out.Sent.I’m waiting for an answer.There are few chances, but suddenly, he will answer.

Wait what? Did he answer?

you can type in chat: /w “name of the person” and then press spacebar. Your chat bar will then change colour and you can directly chat with him.
Example: /w ember

To change the chat back to normal write /s and then press spacebar.

Thanks.The question is removed.