Endgame content?

what is endgame like? how much content is there at max level? i love this game but i need more info in order to get my friends invested in it

thanks any info is appreciated

  • besides character levels there are character ranks that serve as a nother way of powering up the character;
  • Stonehenge and Abyss areas scale to max level and has numerous unique bosses and areas;
  • Dawn of the Dead designed for top level top gear top rank players;
  • Nightmare mode which increases monster levels massively and is intended for a second story playthrough, spiced up with another dound of permanent character upgrades;
  • item farming in a massive range of levels - some mid level uniques can provide irreplaceable benefits to top tier characters after and may be upgraded further. several types of universally valuable items may drop anywhere anytime.
  • key farming for bosses, material farming for currently limited, but useful crafting;
  • setting the meta, optimizing builds, finding out ways to make bosses fall quicker, ways to reach bosses quicker.

i might be off on some of these since i’ve never reached lvl50 or did much raiding and farming :smiling_imp:

where we can find a complete guide of what to do after have killed sydonai on NM?

right now what i know about SH is that there is 3 maps:

the wild — to farm desicator to get some decent gear drops
wake hallow — to farm 4 bosses head previus payment of demon essences to build moloch key to be able to eter on :
molochs stepch— to farm moloch for gear dro and skill retrainer

about parlament i know much less:
there is some quest
arquitech david to get chance of a ring - u can repeat quest but not sure when its repetibe again
other quests u can take just when u deliver them
there is some bosses u can spawn after close a breach ( i just have done it in party ) not sure how o find the boss when u have closed the rift and wich zone spawn wich boss
bsses sometimes drop cursed crystals u can craft in cube with 50 essences to get mats for craft rings

i am sure there is much more things but i am learning them everyday, i just have started on this beta (since original game ) and i just got 1 char lvl 50 rank 20

if some1 can explaind me things dont know and things more to do would be nice

thank you