Engineer Blue Sky Thinking

So, I thought I would post some ramblings about an idea I have been thinking about for a while now.
It has always annoyed me that the Strike skills are in effect duplicated by the Marksman/Engineer and it would be good to have a different option. I know this is pie in the sky stuff and I have no idea if it would even be possible let alone how long it would take to achieve if it was- so its a bit of fun I guess. Something for devs to do when everything else is sorted perhaps :smiley:

My thoughts were to bring in a “trapper” option along the lines of D2 and PoE. Logically it would be the Engineer who loses the Strike Skills( I know, I love my Strike Engineer more than most!) to be replaced with a trap skill tree. Visually I could see the gun turrets from millennium battle, the deck guns from street furniture , floor mines from quest items- “low yield warheads”, maybe a static drone with one hand weapon equipped etc. being repurposed. Casting animation from the current bot/drone options.
Trap types as in D2/PoE could include bear trap immobilizing, explosive- as in a grenade type, emp, conversion etc. Also a larger option with slots to add weapons/gear like a static drone. Maybe even a turret that you can then operate (big gundown style) although would need a lot of time/effort to construct??
Gear could have a “inc trap damage option”, mods also- or share the inc combat damage. The skill tree could include option like- inc trigger area, reduce cast time, inc damage, add crit damage, extra traps, higher trap life/armour, increased area of effect etc etc, all the usual stuff.
Balance and interaction with other engi skills would need a lot of work but, anyway, thats enough for now. If it was possible what do people think?


I’d be fine with this, it makes sense that an Engineer would have high-tech traps to kill demons with.

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In abstract theory, I’m in favor of Engineers losing Strikes. They never felt fitting to me, and always looked like filler skills to make up for the core design not providing enough AoE or pad it up. Replacing them with more themed options would be great; they’d get more utility (following the traps suggestion here or otherwise), and Strikes would be free to be used for a potential 3rd Hunter class.
That said, it’s a very big call to make. We’ve never removed legacy trees before, many players like them, and we don’t have viable alternatives in hand yet. So it’s most probably possible, but I’m not sure how likely it is to happen.