Engineer Bot problem

Hi is it possible, to fix the engineers bot problem? … because there is a major problem with the items, that bot can carry … if u enter a station, the bot skills are not calculated correctly or interrupted with other engineer bots (dont know the problem why it happens) and the weapon/item is then disabled (not shown on the bot too) in bot-inventory. every mission u start then, u have to pick and drop the weapon/item again into the inventory slot to reactivate it … it shows all the time, there is not enough accuaracy / something else till u replaced it again … all points are more then enough to carry but the weapon shows till red stats but works after redropping it into the slot …

ps. didnt know there is a bug-reporting system ;( ive send it there too :wink:

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Yep, this bug is really annoying. FIX PLEASE! :pray:

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I’ve the same issue, but focusing on special ops skills. It’s annoying, but still happy to play. Just looking for ways around it.