Engineer Drone bug

Interesting bug that I am sure has been mentioned. I have put my first skill point into gun retrofit for my drone. Next I equipt a weapon and slotted the appropriate feed points. Now this is where i have noted that when zoning into an instance the equipt weapon is showing that I do not have enough feeds to support it. However if you unequip the weapon and re equipt it, it will now work fine.

Now this issue only happens when you zone into the initial instance not when you are zoning into the next segment of an instance.


Hi @chrisl911,

Thanks for the info, but this is not the right place to report bugs. Please use the bug report form. This is a known issue and is in the patch notes and known issues list.

I remember this bug, happend in the old days of Hellgate London and also in Hellgate Tokyo. As far as I recall in multiplayer and single player modus, but I can be wrong with single player :slight_smile:

The bug exist for now.