Error on launcher

i have a little problem (i use to play on an old laptop that only have drivers for xp and vista)
i using the Vista 64bits fully updated and when i hit the launcher button they open and return me the error
“The client and server cannot communicate because they do not possess a common algorithm”

Tried to reinstall by zero, uses the language.dat of the forum and everything, but no resolution to that.

The launcher uses TLS 1.2 protocol when retrieving the news feed. You’ll have to find out how to make sure it’s enabled in Windows.

Thanks for the first reply, i tried a patch to enable tsl 1.2 on vista, but after that it gives me another error, "could not create SSL/TLS secure channel". maybe its not gonna run, well, when i get another pc with w7+ i try again to play that game =/

Thanks for the help firvagor

Make it work, playing!
thanks for the tip of TSL.