Error when attempting initial patch

I am attempting to follow the Installation Guide, but am having issues. I followed all of the steps, downloaded all of the files & installed, but when attempting to launch the game I get an error message:

an error occurred while initializing. the string was not recognized as a valid Uri. Parameter name: inputUri

edit: I did a clean install. After going through the steps again I am getting a new error message:

you are missing required files to run the game

  • Have you tried Patching to 2.0 1st?
  • Have you tried updating your C++ and DirectX?
  • Have you tried adding the new launcher to your antivirus exceptions?
  • Have you tried installing outside of C:/Program Files/ (Example: D:/Games/)
  • Are you sure your game installer is a clean untouched version?

Thank you for your replies.

I managed to get it to work. Not sure how, but I did it & am now playing :slight_smile:


Welcome to the community! hope you enjoy your time :smiley:

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