ETA on the Beta?

Hi !

First, let me thank the entire London 2038 team for bringing this game back from the dead ! Your work is very much appreciated.

I recently became aware of this project thanks to the calamity that is the 2018 Steam re-re-release of Hellgate, and have been enjoying it way more than the bug-riddled mess that is the new “official” version.

There are some balance issues (hunter classes feel a bit underpowered, especially engi), and I would love to see a bigger inventory, but I must say that I’m very much impressed by the quality of what is still an Alpha release.

Which brings me to my question: is there any ETA on the transition to Beta ?
Right now I’m a bit reluctant to really invest myself in a character, when it could get wiped in a week or two for all I know…

On the same topic, could we maybe get a sneak peek at the prospective changes to the game that you guys have in mind ?

Greetings from Belgium and happy new year ! :wink:


dont worry you can play a char. Dont take wipes to serious, as this game is fun to play therefor no problem to beat it again, its a challenge to get your char to high ranks.

The Content however is rather small.

I suggest you to not mind about wipes.


Thanks for your reply !
I guess I shouldn’t worry too much as you said, but I don’t have much free time to play video games anymore, so I have to “make it count” you know :stuck_out_tongue:

Still, the point remains, any news on the Beta front ? The last post about this was almost a year ago, so I’m just curious to know if there are plans to update the game anytime soon(ish) ? If so, what would said update bring and/or change ?

I don’t want to pressure the devs or anything, I understand they’re doing this for free on their own time.
I’m just anxious to know what the future has in store for London 2038 :smiley:

An announcement will be made when the time comes. There is no set time frame or list of changes yet.

Thanks for your reply, we’ll just have to wait and see then :wink: