Evoker - Balancing Suggestions for the future

Some things came to my mind while playing the beloved Evoker. So if somebody ever decides to tweak a bit on skills, here some suggestions (which are my personal opinion, feel free to give your’s and argue about it but be friendly while doing so ^.^ Thank you very much)

Demonspine had more spikes per level in Global, which raised the damage immensely. I don’t know if they could each crit. Personally i like the London2038 version more with one spike, getting more elemental-intense BUT it lacks damage. Maybe not much. I’d say maybe 3% DMG increse per Skill-Level more would make it a lot more viable. (so 30% on max skilled)

Flameshards should not spread so gigantic wide, 45-60° would be enough. Feels like 180 now. Which in itself would raise the damge output brought to enemies in the direction i am facing, so that can maybe stay as it is.

Hellfire had the impact-timer reduced significantly in Global, and that made the skill a lot more end-game friendly for the mobile boss-encounters. I’d say the damage per Mana investment on the AOE is okay-ish, but the time from cast to BOOM should be halved from like 5 to 2,5 seconds. The skill usage should be defined by the cooldown of the skill, not the wait for the time for a meteor to crash.

Brom’s Curse Could be made a % lifeleech again because with fixed numbers it’s suboptimal… but it should be small numbers. it was 5% HP per hit once, that’s overkill… Maybe 0,5%, 5 sec. on lvl1 so you end up on 3,5% with lvl7 and a duration of 11 sec.

Haven’t had a chance to test the poison tree and can’t afford two skill rerainers to do so and switch back xD The armor and Swarm would be nice to try, they sound really nice, if they are “usable” in a timely manner.

I am here to suggest a change to Black Angel. That item currently comes with only demon cdb, and 0-3 slot, which for me means 2 things.

1., The item is absolute trash compared to a Coreshredder if it doesn’t have 3 slots.
2., The huge ass stamina bonus it gives is wasted because i must have a spectral and necro set too, which doesn’t grant this bonus, and if you want to make 100% out of this item you will respec your stamina points and pump it into accu, which means 80 accu ( 160%cdb ) with 2 perfectly rolled Black Angels.

Considering these 2 points i am making this suggestion:
1., Make Black Angel always spawn with 3 slots
2., Cdb should be randomized along castes, so you could make your spectral, necro and if you really want a beast themed Black Angel set.

inb4 you state this would be OP i have to remind you that there is a 10% chance for a unique weapon to be dropped by Talox, which could be any unique weapon, and even if you get this item, there are plenty of factors that affects the quality, but removes the chance to be absolute trash (who wants to nano this item when you finally find one?)