Evoker build - question

Hi all. I just downloaded this but haven’t played in a long time. I was reading there have been some changes/nerfs to some build and wanted to get some input on a build that would work (use to use boneshard and hellfire). I saw there was a guide from 2017 but the skill links wouldn’t load and wanted to see if anyone has a good end game build?

Also, is skill respec in this version?

In form of a rare item drop (from Moloch) and there is a new quest chain wich gives you one as a reward.

A lot of stuff got buffed for the Evoker.
Cloud, hydra, Fire elementar and swarm now also scale with minion dmg.
Swarm now also deals with the initial hit dmg.

Here is the new skillplaner


Boneshard? and hellfire sounds fine, idk what or if there is a endgame meta atm.
Lightning skills are nice because you can cast them even if you are shocked.

Read the description of the skills some of them give you now +10% dmg per skill level.

There are also a ton of new and upgraded items. Certain Evoker armors give now +20% to natur skill dmg and so on.

Spectral bolt is a good “auto atacker” wich you could mix in your boneshard? / hellfire build.

1 point in Arcane shield with shield booster on the quickbar is always a good defence option.
The Broomscurse + having thorns on your armor (attackers get +x elemental dmg) also is still a thing in this game.
( In case you didnt know, having the reflect mod on your equip and someone attacks you, the dmg the mob gets then counts as an attack from you and triggers Brooms then wich makes you realy tanky with enough armor)


Thanks! I am glad there is at least one skill reset in case i mess it up. Appreciate the help!

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