Evoker Guide (1.5) (WIP)

Evoker is a fast paced mage like class that is limited by global cooldown (and not mana on max level). Compared to other mmo’s, evokers do not need to stay back and kite every monster in order to cheat death. They deal good AoE, currently mediocre * single target damage and are quite tanky compared to other classes. This is going to be a very basic guide for new players with an overview of the performance of the current arsenal. I will try to update and restructure this guide as often as I find the time, especially when important new information is revealed.

*(this may be different with very hard to get BiS gear)

Skills (in order of DPE):_______________________________________________________________

DPE or damage per execution is a means to describe the performance of a skill similar to DPS (damage per second). However, the evoker is basically limited by the amount of global cooldowns (about one spell per second – with no mana issues), so the evoker has to carefully choose which skill to use if he wants to maximize damage. Against a single enemy (ST) the order of DPE would basically be a conventional list of skill priority. Whenever I talk about frames in the following, I am referring to a case of 60fps where every frame is 16.67ms of real time or 1/3 server ticks (server is running tick 20; 1 tick = 3 frames or 50ms).

Tempest: Upon casting you create a cloud that continuously hits enemies in the area (15m) with a chance to shock them. This skill hits around 86 times and is the skill with the highest DPE by default. The duration is 900 frames or 15 secs, but can be recast at least every 8 seconds (faster with “increase userate of evoker skills”). More skill points = higher hit count/damage

Spectral Serpents: Summon a stationary serpent with three heads that randomly attacks nearby enemies with a chance to phase. Usually takes 2-3 seconds to do anything. Additionally, every head has its own RNG – sometimes waiting for a second before attacking for no reason. This skill hits about 24 times with the highest hit count I have ever seen at 27 times (RNG). It scales with the equipped focus’ power, elemental damage, increased damage and minion damage (inc+MD should be the same multiplier), but has its own crit chance and crit damage. It is probably the most interesting skill in the evoker’s arsenal, because of its high damage potential if geared towards. The skill is somewhat a hybrid between a summoner minion and an evoker spell. If wearing summoner BiS gear (500-600% minion damage) in conjucture with lots of elemental damage, this skill could hit as hard as tempest making it very potent single target damage choice. More skill points = longer duration = higher hit count/damage

Boneshards: A very high AoE (10m) damage skill that uses no global cooldown, so it can be used quickly before a different spell without losing time making it the best damage skill (from a theoretical standpoint). It also does not scale with skill points making it a one-point wonder. After the initial hit, the skill ticks for additional 23 times. More points = higher stun multiplier

Skullsplitter: Throw a ball of bones that shatters after a certain distance and explodes into 30 fragments. This is technically an AoE spell, but all fragments can be used against a single target if you manage to let the ball explode within or super close to the hitbox of the desired enemy. This might not work with small hitboxes but it does with most bosses making this a strong contender for single target damage. Sadly, this skill has a cooldown (3 secs) which really hurts its potential, as it is already unreliable. Removing the cooldown via patch would make this a valid choice for skilled evokers who know how to place the ball correctly. More points = more fragments/damage

Fire Elemental: Summons a fire elemental that fights for you until it dies. Quite tanky (even more so with TC-set pants and boots/ Minion Health+Armor respectively) and always worth one skill point. Has a decent chance to ignite, however this can only be said about the 10/10 skill point version as it gains additional projectiles. Damage is fairly low and it only scales with minion damage on gear (same as generic summoner elementals). More points = more projectiles/damage/ignite

Spectral Bolt: Currently the best spamable single target spell. Throws 8 seeking orbs at rank 10 and has a good chance to phase. Good synergy with evoker TC boots “Night Striders” because of the inherent 50 to 250 phase attack strength. More points = more projectiles, higher phase chance

Lightning Field: Currently the highest damaging AoE field out of this, swam and hellfire (ignoring SFX damage). Can shock enemies and every additional skill points enhances its radius. The initial orb hit does the most damage, about 10 ticks worth of damage or 1/3 of the total damage. After being thrown, the field ticks 19 times every 15 frames for almost 5 seconds. More points = +radius

Swarm: Swarm leaves a cloud of bees on the ground that continuously damage foes who stand inside it with a chance to poison. There is no initial hit: the field ticks 19 times every 15 frames (almost 5 seconds). The animation of the field is 1-2 seconds longer than it is actually doing damage. More skill points = poison multiplier and longer poison duration (not the field itself!).

Firestorm: A channelling skill that summons countless little fire projectiles that can ignite and have little range (10m max). Firestorm hits 10 times per second or every 6 frames as long as you hold down the button. This was once a very good skill to proc on hit novas from weapon mods, however since those have been nerfed to the ground, there’s no point in using Firestorm for that anymore. More points = more damage

Venom Spirit: Fires 4 spirits (enemy seeking projectiles) that can fear. Fear now reduces enemy armor by 10% and more skill points mean higher fear chance. However, feared mobs gain movement speed and run around like crazy, so you might end up losing damage in the process. More points = more damage, higher chance to fear (this skill was hotfixed in 1.5.2)

Spectral Lash: A channelling skill that targets a specific foe with a chance to phase and interrupts as soon as the foe dies or another foe appears in your crosshair (super annoying). It hits 10 times per second (every 6 frames). If you have learnt the skill spectral lash mastery, every enemy killed by spectral lash will burst into a nova (same as spectral curse’s on death explosion) and leave an AoE field that continues to tick 19 times every 15 frames (almost 5 seconds). Every tick does about 1/10 of the damage spectral lash would do per second for about 2 seconds worth of spectral lash damage for the full duration. More points = longer reach

Demon Spear: 4 spears fly towards your enemy that can stun enemies, but no longer pierce them (since 1.5). More points = more damage, higher chance to stun (this skill was hotfixed in 1.5.2)

Fireshards: 7 fire spears fly towards your enemy and explode upon impact. More skill points = ignite multiplier and damage (this skill was hotfixed in 1.5.2 to grant more damage)

Arc Legion: A channelling spell that can shock enemies and does not consume mana if you are not doing any damage to a foe. Can be held down and the spell will kind of auto target mobs within your point of view. Hits around 15 times a second or every 4 frames on average. More skill points = shock multiplier and shock duration

Hellfire: Summons a fire AoE field that can ignite enemies. The initial explosion deals about 10 ticks worth of damage. After that the field continues to tick 18 times for a duration of 5 seconds. More skill points = higher ignite multiplier.

Drain Life: Sucks life out of enemies, dealing low damage and restoring health scaling with the number of targets affected and your maximum health pool. Overshadowed by Brom’s Curse. Hit 10 times per second or every 6 frames. More skill points = more healing.

Spectral Curse: Similar to Brom’s Curse. Enemies are slowed down and explode upon death dealing miniscule damage with a chance to phase surrounding enemies. This skill is exactly what happens if a spectral lash kills an enemy, minus the AoE field. More skill points = better slow down, more enemies affected, longer duration.

Drain Mana: Same as Drain Life but with mana. Enemies do not lose mana but some health (around 40% of drain life channelling damage). More points = more mana gain.

Brom’s Curse: Curses nearby enemies so that you would gain health every time you damage them but only once per second per target. Good synergy with pets and thorns because enemies, who melee attack you, will trigger thorns damage and heal you every time. Essential for evoker if not playing in a party where someone else takes care of that. More skill points = more healing, more enemies affect, longer curse duration. Since 1.5 this spell has a synergy with elemental drain: For every skillpoint in elemental drain, enemies affected by this curse lose 3% elemental resistances.

Wall of Bones: Summons a Bonewall that has a health pool and can block enemies. Your attacks can go right through the wall, but you cannot walk through it or jump over it easily. Could have potential uses at some boss fights. However, the 10 seconds cooldown make it probably not even suited for such shenanigans. More points = higher health pool

Venom Armor: A great and, in my opinion, underrated skill. Grants bonus armor and is perfectly suited for switch sets (see below). Must have in hardcore. Enemies who attack you under the effect of venom armor get damage by bees. Affected by boost duration and cooldown reduction. More points = more armor and duration.

Word of Fear: Tries to fear surrounding enemies. Feared enemies take 10% more damage and run away. Barely works against high lvl monsters and can potentially lower your damage if they run out of range. More points = higher chance to fear.

Afterlife: Consumes nearby corpses in order to heal you. Could save you a health pack every once in a while, however not needed with Brom’s Curse. More points = lower cooldown.

Elemental Drain: After channelling this spell for a few seconds, the target enemy will receive a debuff to SFX resistances and you gain a buff to SFX resistances. I never felt like this made any different when trying to apply status effects, but with the overall difficulty changes in 1.5 this may come in handy when dealing with bosses, especially in parties. More points = better performance.

Dual Focus: Mandatory in order to use two foci. Every point after the first one is wasted. It would only grant 8 willpower that could be invested into accuracy granting you 4% crit damage per skill point, which is probably not worth it.

Arcane Shield: Refills your shields and grants you a little shield amount bonus. The long cooldown and the general uselessness of shields make this skill a no-go.

Arcane Resilience: Lower the time it takes for your shields to start recharging again. Most evoker do not have much shields to begin with, making this fairly useless. Stacking shields is also no recommended, because Brom’s Curse and Venom Armor make you almost immortal and armor only affects health not shield.

Concentrate Damage: The tooltip says “increases your damage by 84%” at max rank. This usually refers to skill damage (because it is a skill) and therefore shares one multiplier with crit damage and the inherent (invisible) skill damage multiplier of the spells themselves. But that should also mean, you could technically use this in conjuncture with “increased damage” on gear without seeing much diminishing return in value. However, there is a chance this works like increased damage, which you result in lots of wasted damage in conjuncture with weapons and gear that have increased damage on them. This would be similar to the 1.5 updated Crusader’s Wrath of the Blademaster that additionally shares the same multiplier with strength, making it fairly useless.

Damage comparison chart: (This is no longer 100% accurate, demonspine, venom spirit and flame shards now get 10% skill damage per skillpoint, so they will be equal to spectral bolts at max lvl)

Builds: (WIP)_______________________________________________________________________

There are probably as many builds as there are evokers. This should be especially true after the recent patch, where the omnipresent hellfire was nerfed and lots of skills were tweaked.

A build should utilize high DPE skills such as tempest, boneshards and spectral serpents (if geared towards minion damage); At least 1 point into fire elemental to help you tank and sometimes ignite; 3 points into Venom Armor if you can utilize a switch set that isn’t too hard to come by and of course Brom’s Curse for sustain. Since evoker is naturally tanky thanks to amazing utility skills, you could try to max out concentrate damage. This skill works with all damaging skills minus fire elemental. Skills also snapshot its effect, so you could technically drop a tempest while under the effect and simply break it if you desire to move again. The tempest will keep the damage buff.

Playstyle (both builds): Use a switch set to maintain Venom Armor. Run around and keep using Brom’s Curse so that incoming attacks are no issue. Depending on the mob type that is present you want to gather a horde of melee mobs (or at least mobs that follow you) to kill in one go. You can drop a tempest and run in a circle to group up monsters that already follow you, then use boneshards (takes no frames to cast) and immediately drop a lightning field/Swarm. For single target you want to use tempest on cooldown, followed by boneshards (make sure to immediately follow up with another spell – usually serpent) and then use filler skills every global cooldown. Mana is usually no issue and for longer bossfights there are mana/hybrid packs. You should always try to make use of every global cooldown and think about the skill priority.



Accuracy Grants 0.5 crit damage has therefore some importance in crit focused builds (not as much as it used to be). All remaining points should go in here if running a crit build. However, the nerf of accuracy also had a big impact on the overall performance of AA and other stat augments.
Strength Grants 1% melee damage per point. Useless for Evoker unless you have weapon mods with SFX that require strength (for example mythic double ele + SFX) or mythic gear that require strength to wield. Comes naturally with AA on gear, so there is probably no need to ever invest a point into it.
Stamina Grants 5 health per point. Invest enough to be able to wear your armor + weapon. If running a non crit build, this is probably the best available stat as long as you have no big mana issues.
Willpower Grants 2 mana per point. Invest enough to be able to wear your armor + weapon.

Early game (leveling):

Crit is not of importance and hardly achievable, therefore try to find armor and with “increased damage”. You probably want one armor piece with thorns damage, as it procs Brom’s Curse.

As for weapons:

  • “increased damage”, especially mythic (double-edge), also legendary augments
  • “increased evocation damage”
  • high “caste damage” (e.g. 40% to demons)
  • nerfed “double elemental” mythic (double-edge) is still decent

Try not to put points into strength. Also, there is a low level unique belt called Balbi’s Ring that is BiS for a non-minion damage focused build. If you manage to find it, you can probably skip all belt suggestions (one drop location for me was “the mind of 314, normal mode).

Upon reaching lvl 50 you want to look for some (fairly easy to get) TC-set pieces (there is no set bonus) which drop from the various abyss bosses, such as Squadro (blue rift), dreadnaught (white rift) and Fulcrum (red rift). Also, all of these uniques are feral gear that comes with inherent crit chance which is why you should start with a crit focused build until you get the desired mythic items.

Head Desired stat
Dark Visage Best choice for crit focused builds: Inherent (max CD); +1evoker; stats; minion damage; increase userate of evoker skills if possible?
Veiled Threat Best choice for non-crit focused builds: Inherent; +1evoker; stats; minion damage; increase userate of evoker skills if possible?
Mythic (feral) piece Not really an option, but for non-crit maybe something unrealistic like: Increased damage+1evo+AA
Mythic (feral) piece Domination (MD); minion damage; +1evoker; stats
Shoulder Desired stat
Pit Pauldrons Inherent; stats; minion damage
Mythic (feral) piece Increased damage; stats; minion damage
Mythic (feral) piece Domination (MD); minion damage; stats
Torso Desired stat
Heart of Darkness BiS for all builds because of 20% spectral damage. Synergy with Night Strider Boots.
Belt Desired stat
Hellion Hasp BiS serpent builds; Inherent; minion damage; stats
Balbi’s Ring BiS for non serpent builds (crit and non-crit); Inherent + skill of your choice; stats
Mythic (feral) belt Increased damage; stats; minion damage
Legs Desired stat
Legion Guards Mediocre piece in general; Inherent; stats; minion damage
Mythic (feral) piece Increased damage; stats; minion damage
Mythic (feral) piece Domination (MD); minion damage; stats
Shoes Desired stat
Night Striders Probably BiS for all builds due to phase attack strength and other useful affixes; Inherent (250 phase); movement speed; stats; minion damage
Mythic (feral) piece Increased damage; movement speed; stats; minion damage
Mythic (feral) piece Domination (MD); movement speed; minion damage; stats
Gloves Desired stat
Gehenna Grasps Inherent (7% physical damage); stats; minion damage
Mythic (feral) piece Increased damage; stats; minion damage


At the point of writing this guide, almost no updated 1.5 weapon have been dropped, therefore it is difficult to make a suggestion based on evidence. Let me evaluate some of the current unique weapons:

Weapon Description
Harlequin Ablaze Gives 30% elemental damage, power points and minion damage for serpents and fire elemental. Certainly the way to go for serpent focused builds.
Slipnaught Has 4 sockets to compensate the inherent 20% more mana cost. Looks like the weapon to go for critless builds. Probably underrated in the current patch with 4 decent relics.
Black Angel Easily outdamaged by mythic and even legendary ripshards, but comes with movement speed.
Galactic Conquest Similar to HA, but without the minion damage. Has more AoE skills on it and splash radius. Obviously better than HA if running no serpents.
Ironbound Valley Pretty high survivability boost, but evoker shouldn’t have much trouble with that anyways. Solid choice for hardcore chars.
Tuskull Saves some skillpoints and comes with 20% elemental damage and up to massive 400 phase attack strength. Very promising.


Ever since the nerf of elemental damage on mods, a lot of different types have become viable. You could technically go with SFX such as ignite for sturdy mobs, but without an inherent ignite multiplier (e.g. fireshards or hellfire) igniting these enemies is easier said than done – also you would need added fire damage for non-fire based spells. Elemental damage is still decent, so is crit chance or crit damage. If “increased damage” mods are still dropping in a range of ~22%, they are also an option to consider, however they come as “divine” and “sacred” versions of which sacred is supposed to work similar to elemental damage as an overall multiplier. Could lose lots of value if running increased damage on gear or weapon (diminishing return). The most interesting kinds of mods are the mythic ones, especially with an additional affix (e.g. double ele + phase). Even if running a serpent focused build, you should not use minion damage mods, but rather elemental damage because of the separate multiplier.

Weapon Switch Sets:

Switch sets were commonly used in games such as Diablo 2. You switch to a different set of weapons to cast a specific skill that would benefit from the newly equipped weapons. There are at least four possible switch sets for evoker. (I will talk about “foci” even though most skills are also found on 1h and 2handed guns for cabalists, making foci not the only choice):

Venom Armor:

This is by far the most useful one. Foci with +3 Venom Armor can be equipped in both hands granting Venom Armor 6 or 7 (+1head) for free. I tend to skill into VA for 3 points, so I have 9/10 with a switch set (100% uptime, high bonus armor) and 10/10 if running +1 Dark Visage (rare). There is a strong possibility that you can augment a slipnaught that inherently comes with up to +3 VA with another VA augment. If you happen to get your hands on at least one, you could remove all skill points from VA and skill get 10/10 via switch set and +1head.

Brom’s Curse/Spectral Curse:

Kind of unconventional, but possible thanks to the unique weapon The Keel Brand. It also enhances the duration of these skills by up to 60%. However, making frequent use of Brom’s Curse is essential to the evoker’s survival so this isn’t for everyone. Can technically lead to more damage in fights where you need high Brom’s Curse uptime because the enhanced duration frees up global cooldowns for other spells.

Fire Elemental:

Less unconventional is a set with +skill points to fire elemental, because you would only need to switch to it once your fire elemental dies. The best weapon for this would be Harlequin Ablaze because of the inherent minion damage, augmented with +fire elemental and minion damage mods (very unlikely to get). You can just go with any +FE weapon and put MD mods into the slots.

Elemental Drain:

This switch set is easy to get, because Elemental Drain maxes out at 5 points. This would be used against bosses to reduce their SFX resistances.

Dye sets & rings: (WIP)


Excellent work, definitely waiting for the WIP sections.
I really like that you highlight the viability of minion builds, even if only 2 skills really benefit from them. Also liked that you highlighted Valley as an HCE option; that’s pretty much its primary role.

I could only spot 2 minor corrections. One’s a typo on Heart of Darkness, and the other is WILL’s power bonus; it’s normally 2 per point. I’m assuming there was some % multiplier, like the “just one more” achievement’s or the new expertise’s, that had it yield 2.5 per point.
I’d also note that Balbi’s Ring comes with a hidden power regeneration penalty, which always made it quite pesky for me. Shouldn’t be too impactful, but still.
Edit: Secondary note, since you’ll probably explore the new items as they become available. The new Hexer’s Shroud helmet may be a very viable option for minion builds due to its cap of 100% minion damage (up to 60% + augment). Though I don’t know how that measures up to the others’ CDB, so no strong BiS opinions there. It dropping with Elemental Drain and getting a +1 AS augment should also let a single foci with +3 suffice for a Drain cast set.

I’ll likely need to go through the finished guide more carefully to note suggestions, like the one for Skullsplitter. I can evidently expect them to be well-founded and data-driven :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the feedback. It was, in fact, the power% expertise that lead me to the assumption willpower grants 2.5 mana per point. That and someone on discord mentioned the updated effect of willpower (more mana per point) - so i guess this was either false or willpower gave less than 2 before patch 1.5?

Hexer’s Shroud is a very interesting item. Sounds like the BiS option for summoners, so evokers who want to max out serpent damage could technically make good use of it. However, I think the best case scenario would be mythic domnation feral gear, where you could still deal great damage on your own with the crit chance of feral pieces and crit damage of dark visage, but getting all the pieces is easier said than done. Serpents are strong if build towards, but they really shine in single target fights and cannot replace a big lightning field or maybe even swarm that hits dozens of enemies simultaneously. So you do not want to give up all your own damage for the sake of serpent damage.

You’re most welcome. I’m actually really looking forward to the final pieces for the reason you highlighted on Slipnaughts; some foci might be very underrated, especially newer ones.
For example, Condensed Hatred comes with armor penetration that should make it scale very well with map difficulty multipliers. Mortal Domain, which I severely underestimated at first, also comes with 4 slots and decent secondary stats (albeit no elemental damage) on top of being a Darkclaw for higher sfx strengths.
I ended up stuffing a set of the latter with ele+sfx/CDB mods the other day, with <50% total CC, and found it to be surprisingly effective. Nowhere near as consistent as a critcapped setup would be, mind you, but that it even worked was promising.

The general nerf to CDB and +ele should tilt the optimal CC/CDB/ele ratio somewhat, at that. That increased damage, minion builds, and sfx builds are even entering the discussion attests to that - but you can certainly produce better maths there than I can.

We haven’t changed WILL’s effects ourselves, either in +power or +regeneration. I’m assuming whoever claimed that probably had some % multiplier in place as well - probably Enhanced Willpower left over, since it was a very valuable expertise before.

That’s a good point. I was mostly just considering how Hexer’s +MD compares to Visage’s/Threat’s CDB in terms of Serpents damage alone, but it’s very fair that CDB affects all spells. So, as you said above, it’s likely not ideal to maximize Serpents at the cost of the rest of the arsenal.

Another reason I brought up Hexer’s was because of its +Curse duration, since it can have a similar benefit as the one you highlighted for Keel Brands. Though in fairness, I suppose the ease on global cooldowns wouldn’t really compensate for the reduced CC and CDB.

Just for easier reference, let me add the aforementioned items here. Edit: They’ve been added to the wiki now.
Eye of the Beholder
Demon Machine
Condensed Hatred
Mortal Domain
Hexer’s Shroud

Hi, thanks for the guide :slight_smile:
I have some noob questions:

  1. In the graph the dmg from spectral curse is very low. I thought that the SC dmg depends on the life of mobs affected. I used SC in DoD with my quite mediocre evo. Guard taunted , mm did mutlibeacon and i did SC. After mm shooted some mobs, they all died i got credit for like 10000-18000 dmg. While i throw LF and swarm and spectrla bolt in the mix, it is low dmg compared to this. So i think it was result of SC or the dmg calculation of SC is not accurate :slight_smile:
  2. What is reasonable threshold for amount on “increase dmg” regarding the dimishing returns?

SC damage depends on foci.
What you were experiencing is a chain reaction and aoe damage overlaps. it may have a low damage per execution on paper, but in reality it’s one of the most effective spells you can get.

There are some spelling errors and Gehenna Grasps only offer a maximum of 6% physical instead of the mentioned 7%. For some reason though I cannot edit any of my posts to fix them.

I’m looking through your account, can’t seem to find why that would be the case. Everything seems to be in order.
I’ll look around more, if it persists kindly let me know.

Thanks for that excellent guide and for the quick chat ingame!

Could you explaing how you made that chart? How is it possible to get accurate damage values in this game? Did you use some sort of software for that? Over the years I have spent quite some time playing Hellgate in its different forms but I still do not understand how damage calculation works in this game. At least the Devs should have complete formulas? Is there a thread where we can get some basics?

If not, do you know the answer to these questions?

-I guess the base for most Evoker skills is the focus weapon? What happens if you dual wield them? Double Damage? Alternating hits from both weapons?

-Which Mods are additive and which are multiplicate? Increased, Added, Caste, Crit

Lets say the Focus (no dual wielding) has a Base Power von 100 and the char has: 50% increased damage, 50% added fire Damage, 50% added poison damage, 100% damage against demons, 150% crit damage. What will be the final result of a crit against a demon?

Power/CC/CD of both foci is added up and multiplied by 0.6. I don’t know about inc and ele damage though. Might be 100% of each weapon or just 60% like cc etc.

Testings on BM show that strength and increased damage are the same multiplier, so are skill damage and crit damage. Caste damage has always been seen as “increased damage” but against a specific caste. There was also always the discussion point that caste damage has little to no use after reaching 50% per caste, but it might just be diminishing return. Elemental damage always works like a separate multiplier for overall damage.

That is impossible to answer because I have no imformation about the skill damage values of the spells. This is much easier to showcase for BM where you know the skill damage of every single attack (500% inc damage for SoA for example). This is also why the chart I made might not scale 1:1 into BiS gear with lots of crit and crit damage, because spells with high inherent skill damage would most likely scale worse with crit damage (same multi at least for BM).

Thanks, Mew!

May I ask where that information is coming from? It is just what players are assuming? Has that stuff been confirmed by devs? And may I ask once more how you got the numbers for your chart? Is it somehow possible to record damage dealt?

In summary, everything is additive except the “adds x% elemental damage” mod?

So if we assume a skill with 500% modifier we get these numbers:
100*(1+5+0,5+1+1,5)(1+0,5+0,5)=1800 damage on a crit vs a demon
(1+5+0,5+1)(1+0,5+0,5)=1500 damage on a normal hit vs a demon
(1+5+0,5)*(1+0,5+0,5)=1300 damage on a normal hit vs a non-demon

Did I get that right? Could devs please confirm/deny this?

What about the base damage (in the case above 100 dmg), is that simply the tooltip number on the focus? Because that Number already includes “increased damage” from affixes on the focus itself.

So I will preface this by saying - I don’t know anything. I was looking at this data for a rough guideline on how to build a guy to level.

Basically, I’m focused (29 levels in) on tempest and spectral lash. I am EXTREMELY underwhelmed by tempest. I’ve got 7 points into it now and I am having a tough time seeing all of this meaningful damage it is doing.

My understanding is that it’s the damage it can do across those 15 seconds of summoning (hence “damage per execution”), and not it being a massively better option than basically anything else the evoker has when it comes to DPS. Another example is skullsplitter having a pretty generous DPE on paper, but the circumstances make it very hard to actually pull of, making certain other skills more desirable for some good old spell spamming.

Tempest: 403 DPE across 15 seconds gives almost 29 DPS.
Spectral bolt: 100 DPE across 1 second gives… well, 100 DPS.

*: I might be going crazy here, but I recall replying to an user’s comment showing the user being replied to on the top right, but I can’t see anything and it looks like I’m just replying to the post itself.

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Yeah, that would make sense. As I intimated - I have no idea what I’m doing here.

Tempest is rather support than main thing. You drop it and go on with normal attacks and Tempest will get what it gets. I like it that i dont have to follow all that jumping, dissapearing and flying things - my Tempest do work for me.

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I found spectral lash near pointless personally. It has so many issues catching onto the enemy for me to do damage I found myself constantly frustrated and went back to the more reliable spectral bolt instead.

recalculated the damages using the increases provided in patch notes. didn’t calculate any +%minion dmg entries, also didn’t take Arc Legion’s new armor piercing into account. lots of spells also got massive SFX strength bonuses, so raw damage is probably less relevant now.