Evoker Questions

These seem like dumb questions for which I probably already know the answer, but none of the Evoker guides gave me a concrete solution so I’m asking them here since I’ve never played Evoker before:

  1. If an Evoker takes the Dual Wield skill, the Spectral Lash and the Lightning Arc, can I put Lash and Arc in Left/Right hand and fire both at the same time? Because I’m thinking this would be really OP (Lash already melts demons away like it’s nothing) but really, really good.

  2. The “Health Drain” skill is separated from the Power Drain skill or is it an upgrade to it? As in: if I get Health Drain, will Power Drain now leach health too or do I use both seperatly?

If the first is not possible, then that’s 10 points free I spend on something else. If the second is also false, I think I’ll stick to Broms curse and use the first two lightning skills to heal me.
Ideas/sugestions? I’m going full Spectral/Lightning because I’m Gandalf and that’s how Gandalf rolls.

Hello Koriath,

  1. Dual wield just defines that you can wear two foki. You can put left and right different skills, but you can’t fire them both at the same time. Personally i got Spectral-Lash on my left Mouse and Lightning-Field on my right.

  2. Health drain is a separate skill, no upgrade to power drain, you’ll have to use them apart from each other.

I have no experiance with either Brom’s nor Health Drain as i primary try to avoid getting damaged in the first place (lob that lighting over mob-aggro range ;-D
But i really like my 1pt in Power drain in longer fights. [a bit dmg is better than no dmg].

Kind regards


Give a man fire - and he is warm for the day;
but set fire to him - and he is warm for the rest of his life!

Oh, but if you don’t know about it, Brom’s combos with Powerdrain quite well.
Powerdrain can affect multiple targets (you’ll see 4-5 beams in front of you).
It deals minimal damage, but what matters is that it procs Brom’s.
If you cast Brom’s, you can then Powerdrain to get power AND health while running away/recharging your shields/waiting for fear word/surrounded.
Combo with Elec field too.

I would consider Drain Health if it upgraded Power Drain, but if it doesn’t, then I’ll have to miss it, along with Elemental Drain (it’s a character to play Solo, so Ele drain isn’t that important).

Shame about not being able to dual-fire Lash and Arc. But eh, I’ll keep the thunder tree for that delicious storm and elec field (though I put it on left mouse and lash on right since it’s easier to keep lash pressed this way, for me atleast).
Gives me 10 extra points to put somewhere else then :smiley:

If you haven’t tried them yet, maybe consider the spectral serpents? They fit your electro-spectral profile and should also heal you via Brom’s if they hit as they count as minion (if i’m not mistaken… can somebody verify that?). pew-pew-pew

Oh mate, the moment I saw “Spectral” and “Serpents” used on the same sentence was the moment I said “I gotta ge me some of that”.
Sadly, I gotta wait a bit since the game keeps telling me “No, you can’t unlock the purple sneks, you’re level 14, be patient”.

Ah if you are that fresh, i hope you have a look here :wink: