Evoker's shotgun-like skills feels a bit disappointing

Demonspine was changed from a single piercing projectile to 4 non-piercing;
Venomous Spirit was changed from a single spirit to the same spread of 4 projectiles, still homing;
Spectral Bolts were changed from Tempest Rifle like spreading skill to 4 homing projectiles.

originally, among shotgun-like skills there were just Flameshards. maybe Firestorm as well, but it’s more like a machinegun. now every early game skill is a shotgun, even with matching projectile count and, probably, spread. as the title mentions, it’s disappointing.

it was fun to aim the piercing spine, spirit being the only homing projectile was doing it’s target-chasing job, spectral bolts were initially challenging to aim but were fun as well. now they all are the same skill, but with different damage type and homing capabilities. the worst thing about this is not even related to this same class - marksmen would kill to have this kind of shotgun setup going! the best they have is gimmiky Skullsplitter-like gun with less reliability and tiny close range pistols (or maybe not, sorry, didn’t play MM myself yet, sounds like a bad time anyway).

Still these skills are way better than way back in 2007. Flameshards used to have a long fuse timer which made them unusable. Venom Spirit has always been a mediocre skill at beast and now it is a fairly potent one skill wonder, especially for summoner. Spectral Bolts were also always horrible and it is now among the best skills with up to 8 seeking projectiles.

Once they remove the unneccesary 3sec cooldown of skullsplitter, this skill will potentially change builds quite a bit, because it would become the new single target filler skill for skilled evokers with a high damage potential. I agree that Demonspine feels too much like other skills and I don’t know why the piercing was removed. I would simply revert it back to 1 or 2 spines with pierce to differentiate it from other skills.

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