Fast Want-Quest Item


Hello.After completing the quest, such an item remains in the inventory.And, more than once.It’s not difficult for me to remove it, but it’s kind of annoying.Sometimes, I don’t remember which quest it’s from.And I’m afraid to delete it.So, it hangs in the inventory, taking up space, which is so little.How to avoid this?Except for deletion.

The quest for the Fast Wand is here I Like Your Outfit - London 2038

I have had similar problems before. I think it’s safe to delete it once the quest is handed in.

Yes, it’s safe to delete the Fast Wand once you complete its quest.
Does it consistently stay in your inventories after quest completion? I couldn’t find the issue last time, but if it’s consistent at least that’s a hint.

Hello,Bryan.It stays, not always.Usually in Liverpool.I met them in different quests.And everything is similar.Okay, I’ll be more careful.All the best.

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Hello Bryan.I didn’t find a similar topic, I’m writing here. I hope they don’t shoot me for this.
At first he was like this.


Then it became like that. And it doesn’t open. Where did I go wrong?

And it was more than once.

It’s fine to ask this here, no worries.

This blueprint issue isn’t your fault. As in, you did nothing wrong on your part. I’m afraid I don’t know what’s causing this, however, or how it might be fixed.

Okay, thanks. I’ll try to observe, but to be honest, I have no idea where, at what moment and for what event to observe in order to identify a pattern in the changes in the drawings. All the best.

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I want to share an observation. Today I put a ring on a character that costs 20 strength. It says so. But, in reality, it was 10! Because I couldn’t put on armor. that the ring is to blame. Somehow the value that is written was restored. That is, -20. I checked. It was 128 the first time. It became 138. The second time it became 128-148. How can this be?

Here, it has changed again. I am attaching pictures.