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Hey Omerta, I tested sign up with account. Mail was put in spam folder. Not optimal.

Good to know, I am still checking into optimizing the email sending.

hi Omerta,
first, allow me to say that i am super excited that hellgate london is alive and well here
i have been playing it for years
now i have two problems

  1. even thought i am able to log into this forum and page
    the same username and password cannot log into the MP server
  2. all my text for the character attributes and other, weapon and armour specs as well as mission text all disappeared
    even the character creation screen text have disappeared
    is it a pathing problem?. i am using win20 pro with 1080 ti graphics card with 3440x1440 resolution

Is there a button that brings you back to main page from the forums? If not, can one be added?