Few doubts about Evoker

Greetings everyone. Altought the guides in the site, since im not familiar with various concept about porcentages and items i have some questions that might be answered in a more newbie way :sweat_smile:
Evokers are for what i read, characters with high resistances, mages with nice AoE Dmg. There are various types of weapon but im using mostly focus one so i can use the skills of nature tree.
Im wondering if i might stay firm in one tree or is it more viable to choose different skills from different trees and alternate between sets depending on the enemy or party formation

You choose your dmg skills of choice, it doesnt matter from wich tree they are. Utility skills are always nice.
The most used are:

  • Dual focus | total foci power = ( foci 1 power * 0,6) + ( foci 2 power *0,6) |
  • Arcane shield : It fills your shields full. 1 point wonder.
  • blink
  • Summen ember : Tank : 1point wonder
  • Broms curse : If you have thorns on your armor, that counts as an hit / attack, wich means if they hit you, they heal you.
  • Elemental Drain : just get it on two weapons wich have +3 to elemental drain and put that on the 2. slot if you need it.
  • There is also venom armor if you want to get more tanky, but thats a lot of points. You can do the same like Elemental Drain

IMHO You can forget about Shield its not worth investing. Shield is bugged so not worth attention.

If You seek something tanky go Armor.

Blink is fine if You dont have problem with space orientation - to me it is to “chaosy”.

I prefer different set of skills.

Be brave and test, then roll new char and have fun. :slight_smile: