First Aid Kit missing

I m blocked in Nightmara Mode in the Qu’est Helping Hands. I should heal Bradon Lann in the end stranded in à Hellrift with à First Aid Medi Kit given with thé Qu’est from Arphaun in Monument St. But he never gives it like hé did in normal mode. I tried it again and again and checked all over my inventory several time wether it Rest something from thé first normal time but nothing at all. I m really stucked now at this point. Is this a known issue what to Do ?
Thx Markus

Hi there Markusius,
have you checked your backpack, by any chance? Since it’s a 1x1 item it might end up there.
If it’s indeed nowhere to be found, including there, and the quest refuses to hand it out, a GM will have to manually provide you with a new one to resolve the issue.

Hello Bryan

Thank you for you ré Quick réponse. Yes I checked everything - my backpack thé cube and my locker several times and even comparéd every Symbol with its name in case there s a mix up and thé First Aid Kit looks like something else may be,… but définitely nothing at all.
I would be grateful if it would be possible to get this item somehow…( I also checked thé auction house and even startet à New Charakter but with that I m still far away from this quest and I dont know wether it would be possible to Transfer a qu’est item from one Charakter to another.

Thank again for caring
Your Markusius

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I don’t think the item is tradeable, but I suppose there’s no harm in checking.
That said, this does sound like an issue that warrants investigation. If you’d like, I could personally check your account if you’re comfortable with sharing your credentials via PM; that way we could check for in-game solutions before handing out another one and risking a bricked item (though I assume quest completion might remove all copies of its required item).
If not, we could skip that step and arrange a delivery. Quest items need to be handed out personally, so you’d need to sync with a GM for that; Psyona and I tend to be the most available, and our Discord is usually the best place to find us on short notice.

I m perfectly fine if you check into my Account what do youneed for that and should I sent it as direct mail reply Dont want to share it with everybody :slight_smile:

Definitely. I’ll reach out in a moment then :slight_smile:

Hello Bryan
Didn t hear from you for somedays is there something New for the Missing First Aid Kit Problem?
Kindly greetings Markus (Rana)

Hi there Markus, apologies for the delay. My schedule is quite tight lately.
I’ll be in touch in private in a moment.