Fix for market overflowed with things no1 would never buy and owners dont take off

Every day is harder to look for an item u need in market. There is no stats searcher for aply filters, if i am looking gear with MD, or gear with CC, or luck: Also there is many people adding an item for a price is never going to be sold, and then remains there for months, doing more dificult to search for good things while u have to navigate over hundreds of bad priced items.

I think we should have 2 improvements for make market better:

  1. Filter searcher for, atributtes and stats and free augments (not just for item class and slot),
  2. BUY OUT and BID system and CADUCITY like other games have on markets.
    All items on market should have a time of max 7-15 days and when timer expires will be delivered by mail to owner.
    Fee is just % of starting bid price, not the buy out price. If u dont want bid price just put buy out but but u will pay more fee.

And fees should be downed from 10% to 2% for 7 days and 5% for 15 days. Now paying 10% for a unlimited time of market, is confusing every1 and we have a market full of items very far of real cost.
If u sell something for a very low bid then u pay a very low fee.

This way ever1 will acces a better gear for cheaper prices , actually we have thousand items stucked on market that no1 is gonna buy , and no1 can use.

And dyes also should be added to market.

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We’ll most likely address this in the near future. Auctions not expiring does create issues, evidently.