Fleet street quests problem

So there is 2 quests in this area and both need to me kill a number of zombies.

Sadly there is some Templars in the area killing them and i can’t compete with them because these zombies have very low health and very few in numbers.
I’m all for a challenge but that is tedious at best.
It’s one of those quests that i’ve always hated.

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One of those yes…
It has been mentioned to just up the number of mission related enemies above the exact number of required kills / drop items being present in that area.
Not sure if possible, but that would help to keep gameplay smooth and allow us to carry on faster.
On a rare occasion I had a mission loot item drop in not accessable parts of terrain geometry and it was not lootable or even the item name floating so it would have been acounted as not having dropped and lead to players either having to reset the mission or area or just ignore completing it.
Hidden creatures such as warpers in templar defended areas can be a problem too when the templars killed 1 of them but no mission bounty item has dropped.
If that would happen it could make things a bit easier as well (templars sort of being allied with the players on a mission so that the bounty item still drops if they manage to own 1 of the mission related creatures and then have a red text visible on the floor).

Try to start the level and dont shoot any monsters, let them fight the templar. Most of them should die, and at the end, reenter the map. Zombies should respawn and templars be gone.

Another way round this problem is to leave the area by walking back through the entrance to Bell Yard. Then create a party and quickly leave it again. Walk back through the entrance to Fleet Street and you will find that the instance has been reset and filled with mobs again. There will be more Plague Zombies than you will need to finish the quest.

This is also a good way for ‘grinding’ your favourite areas. I use that method frequently for farming loot in Ploughyard.