Free respec for early levels

I understand thats not so relevant for an alpha (or maybe it is? Because so, we can test more @lower level) but it will helps newer player to stay with the char and game.

Not everyone wants to read hours inside wikis/guides and have a lot more fun to try and found out for themselves. Like vanilla WoW, where everything was new and there was no “best” specc for a long time.

If trying out is contra-productive because you cant undo bad choice early on, this char is less fun to play.
Every level, there is something in your mind, which tells you:.o(man, i fucked up and need max level to fix this shit…meeeeeeeh. aint nobody got time for that).
This will scare off many people, just sayin

I think a free respec for level 10, 20 and 30 (and perhaps also 35, to test out the lvl 30 skills) would be nice and thats it, no “noob” protection anymore.