French language ?

Hi ,

How can I play the game in French?

thank you

Hello there :slight_smile:
Unfortunately, the game only supports English. This may change in the future, but currently English is the only option.

ok :frowning:

thx you verymuch
translation of london 2007
source for modify strings

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thx but dont work.


u have problem copying files in folder?

I copy the files in the directory data but I still have the game in English.

I did exactly like you but it remains in English, I do not see where I made a mistake?

may be move
in other folder?

I make a new installation and I tell you if it works.

your second patch is ok :slight_smile: thx sergey.

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no voice with your patch , soluttion ? thx

don’t upload all my files again… ahahaha. sry.
same link


I crash the game when loading to go to the stations (holeborn …) it comes from the translation patch.

Do you have a solution ? thank you

upload save.
no idea why not work.

read Install.txt

  1. run with Launcher.exe
  2. close Launcher.exe
  3. delete mp_hellgate_localized_2038 and mp_hellgate_localized_1.10.180.3416_1.0.86.4580 (idx; dat) files
  4. copy files from archive
  5. run game use London2038_dx9_x64.exe or London2038_dx10_x64.exe
unpacked hellgate_localized000. delete hellgate_localized000.dat and hellgate_localized000.idx. copy files. (and copy files London 2038 Fr 1.0 replace files hellgate_localized000).

the link is dead where i can find the FR patch for london 2038 ?