Frustrating thing

I want to talk about some quests feom nightmare. As example will be Kill 20 Sreechers in Upper Ground". While on normal thats not a problem because that mob is low leve but on nm… They spawn only for quest and always at least one is stuck in textures and its not foundable. I just tried do this quest and alwas stuck at 19 of 20. Re entering location makes other mobs to respawn but not those. Entering to station resets quest to zero, there are screechers there but always 1 in missing.

Is there a way to increase numbers of those quests mobs or maby upgrade quest to mobs that are available on nm? Because thats frustrating.

I suspect that the problem is with the map not the mobs.
In this quest there is one map archetype that always has one screecher somewhere in textures.
When you encounter this you need to reset the map via party, so that a new type of map can be generated without bugged screechers in it.

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Noticed that.

Hint for others:
If map is a straight one way tunnel Youll probably do that quest. If its kinda spreading like branches - You probably will have problem with that.

1- re-enter map to reposition missing mobs (easy retry)
2- when this fail, reset map by create/disolve a party and try again (simple reset)…
And finally and because I was force to do it on some of my quest, is to delete the quest entirely (hard-reset), but doesn’t apply to this type of quest, so step 1 and 2 should solve the issue and yes, there are 1 or 2 quests that required this due to their 50% chance of failure, reason can be many including monsters morphing into another kind after he connect damage on you, so don’t let that little thing touch you if you see he didn’t drop the quest item, kill him from distance or interrupt his attacks before he do.
I finish all campaign and every-single side-quest 2x times already on normal/NM and found no issue that stop me from getting all rewards (discount bounties), similar problems also happen in older HGG so I’m use to seen this ones as a common thing and not something they should try to solve as priority since are common old bugs.

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Most of my kills is from distance. THX for advices.