Game difficulties explained to newcomers please?

hello, I tried the game yesterday and I noticed you create a normal / elite character (+ choosing hardcore or not)
stuck forever in that difficulty (?)
now I just red on this forum that there is also elite nightmare difficulty (and hell I suppose)and I’m a bit lots
do your elite character unlock nm then hell after beating the last boss ?=ok found the answer to this one=yes ! seems you unlock elite gray and elite yellow afterward ? whats next ? no post/guide explaining this ???
can normal character play with elite,normal hardcore,elite hardcore ones ?
(my nose is bleeding)
is it the same server / auction house for every difficulty ?
or 4(norm , norm hardc,elit,elit hardc)
whats the benefits (xp?loot?) of elite and nighmare compared to norm please?

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There’s basically 4 different choices:

Hardcore normal
Hardcore Elite

All of them are separated, meaning can’t share items between via stash or auction house between any of these 4.

As for Nightmare, it’s simply the name of the second playthrough of the game. You will need to finish the game in nor;al then nightmare to access high level ennemies and quest skill points. You can go back and forth from nightmare to normal at any given time when you choose you character.

Most people play in Normal Elite as far as i know. Some in hardcore Elite.

Elite has better loot (i might be wrong) and is usually considered as the “standard” difficulty.

thanks a lot , last question:
it seems there is a hell+ difficulty with no station waypoint after you finish hell ,right?
, but I m confused when I read this on this forum:

“When you finish Hell and (logout) login if the nightmare is yellow you will start over with everythihng the same except you will have NO stations
If the Nightmare is gray all will be the same as before including access to all stations you previously had access to”

then another guy reply :

“Gray = normal difficulty
Yellow = nightmare difficulty”

gray= unchecked?
which one is right ?

Hi. I think you may be confused by the last area- where you kill Sydonai is called “Hell”. As Zeel says, once you have left there you get restarted in Nightmare for a second run through the basic game with mobs going from 30-60lv. You lose all waypoints and start over, you can always restart in normal by selecting at the login stage. The Stonehenge/Abyss areas run alongside both Normal and Nightmare with mobs set largely to your level plus x.

It does seem that we are getting quite a few players now who have never played HG before and I could redo my “beginners guide” that I posted on HGaus for Global, or would it be better to wait for Beta?