G'day mate...erk

Please forgive my catching up with the several years I’ve missed in-game. Based on a few posts I found in the Discord I decided to take my L28 Summie to the land down under. 1st, the obvious… this area was not available when I last played HGL 10-12 years ago. So this was quite the… surprise… for me.

I died after a few minutes. I do have a beginning army of minions (4-5 of each) and, thanks to Baker, a L6 Warper. To this point in the game (just started Chapter 6), it’s been easy-peasy. I had read that Aus was a good place for drops… so I figured I would check it out.

1st off, I read Bryan’s honeymoon guide so I thought I might have a chance :laughing:. I was wrong… So, a few questions.

  1. Is this meant to be a party-only area? Kind of tough ATM to gather level-appropriate groups so I’ll be trying it with Summoner and maybe my Engie later.

  2. If I do manage to solo this area with my Summie later on, can I expect good drops?

  3. Should I be talking to the 3 folks outside the gate? Is that important (d’oh).

I understand there is no XP but I was hoping to start grabbing gear for the beginning of NM for this toon and the other 5 (all at Temple station) 1 of each class twiddling their thumbs whilst I reacquaint myself with the game.

So, tl;dr… should I just kind of forget about this dungeon for a little while?

Welp, I got my Summoner almost to Bryan’s build (still missing some gear ATM) and was able to move forward somewhat through the area (a couple of headstones to mark my way :crazy_face:). I even nabbed a good drop (Sef’s with Ele Nova+2). And then the game crashed.

Is this not unexpected, in particular with a minion army?