General game guide for new players

Hey there ! I figured i’d try to give a few tips to all the new people coming to the game. A lot of the same questions keep popping up in chat so maybe it can help of few i hope.

1- What is this game ?

Imagine a Diablo or Path of Exile but in 3D. It’s basically a loot driven action game. Make builds, equip better and better items, to then be able to kill stuff faster in order to get better items faster that will ultimately allow you to kill stuff in a more efficient way. All of it lead to the ability to get more powerful gear…i stop here but you get the idea <3

2-What class should I play ?

Play what you want ! You ll spend a lot of time on a single character (see point 1) so might aswell enjoy the ride. There’s no bad or good solution, everything can be viable. Meme builds can also make you have fun so it’s up to you.
The game still have a few gameplay archetypes though:
Cabalist are the caster or summoner type. If you like zerging the shit out of a map or carpet bombing with some edgy style, that’s for you !
Hunters are all about guns. Spray bullets as a Marksman, use giant nukes or focus on drones/bots as an engineer. Pew pew.
Templars are the melee (or not) and tank class. Blademasters are more agile than their Guardian counterparts.

3- Where do i spend my Skill and Attribute points ?

Right now, skill points are difficult to reset. You’ll need an endgame token dropped by some bosses. Because the server as been freshly wiped, market has close to none of them either as people aren’t farming these bosses hard enough yet.
General rule being, dont bother respeccing if you’re low level, it’s faster to reroll to try other things.
DON’T go all in on a single skill. Stop at 9/10 for exemple as you ll get access to +1 all skills somewhat soon, and we can’t go above the cap like in Diablo 2 or PoE.
DON’T spend Att points unless it’s to equip gear !! Always keep them available for the next shiny you’ll wanna equip. They can also be resspeced but not that easily either.

4-Should i sell or dismantle the trash ?

Sell everything at first to get a few paladiums to buy injectors/analyzers etc.Until you get the Piecemaker. It’s an item that will loot and dismantle everything for you depending on it’s filters. You’ll get that Beauty at the end of Charring Cross station quests group, not that far into the campaign.

5- What does the big number on weapons means ?

I’m not sure myself, but don’t see it as the go to when equipping items. Inspect items instead to check their damage range. Try them to see how they behave and if you like them.

6- Should i do side quests ?

Yes ! Some of them provide Attribute points (and some lore if you’re into that). They are plenty and require some weird backtracking but it’s worth it ! When some of them seems bugged or missing a target/loot, try to PRD out of the map and back. It often respawn the objectives. If not, no choice but to abandon and take the quest back.

6 Bis (i shouldn’t have use numbers as they stop making sense) How do i reset an area ?

Press P to bring up the team menu, create a new party and leave it while being in a station and all the areas will be reseted.

7- Where do i get the Backpack ?

Once you reach St paul station in normal mode, go back to broker in Mark Lane station. He’ll give you his last quest that will reward you famous Backpack <3

8- What are these weird icons near my power globe ?

Those are the minigame icons. Fill the requirements and some loot will pop out fo you ass, and you get a fresh set of 3 to start over. This page will list what each of the icons mean.


9- What is the Stonehenge and Parliament Square area

Stonehenge was the first bigger expansion for Hellgate and offers repeatable quests and bosses that are independant of the main quest. The same goes for Parliament Square.
Both areas are accessible through Templar Base. You can enter the portal to Stonehenge after reaching Level 15 and to Parliament Square after reaching Level 30. The Mobs in those areas scale to your level. Stonehenge is the easier area and also used to level your char if needed.

In Stonehenge you go to Wakehollow and enter 4 different Caves by paying 5 Essences of a specific color (they drop of elite mobs everywhere). The caves lead to Bosses which drop a head. If you have a set of 4 heads you can go and pay for the portal in Stonehenge base to the area of Molloch and kill him for good loot and unique items for example retrainers. The Wild is an area scaled for groups and lead to the Dessicator which only very few chars can do solo.

In Parliament Square you can do alot of hourly and daily quests but the main thing is to get the quest to close hellrifts from Titus and go into the different levels (apart from Brompton Cemetary and Portculis House) and close the different Hellrifts. If you have closed 5 of a specific color a message appears that an Abbyss Boss has spawned in the Abyss. You enter the Abyss via the Portal in the huge monolith in Parliament Square.

10- Leveling

The leveling process can be weird at times for new players. As you progress the mobs level increases and your level increases. It is important to know that the expierience you gain is dependant on the level difference between the mobs and you. The best Xp gain you have when you are pretty much on par with mobs level (±2 if i remember correctly)
So to have a good progressing expierience it is crucial to neither over or underlevel your char alot.

In the first playthrough in normal mode overlevelling becomes an issue when you do too many Ancient Bloods (if you can do them that is) or Stonhenge Wake Hollow Headruns (Stonehenge is accessible at level 15 through Templar base) because they give a ton of expierence. Then the game becomes too easy and you dont earn alot of xp until the mobs catch up in level. It will feel like your char doesnt progress anymore though you think you are a god and you might do wrong skilling decisions.
So when you see you are lets say 4+ level above the mobs i would suggest to rather rush through the quests until you are +2 again.

In nightmare mode (second playthrough) the thing is different because here the mobs start increasing their level faster than the character and you will sooner or later hit a wall where they get alot stronger than you. Then it is time to stop questing for a while and do some Headruns in Stonehenge (which level you up quickly).

Leaving Normal Mode with a Level of 32-34 is a good base to reach Templar base (where you can access Stonhenge) in Nightmare before the game gets too hard btw.

So too long to read: keep an eye on the level difference between you and the mobs. If your level is +2 and higher then it is time to rush quest. If the mobs are 2 levels or more higher than you it is time to do some levelling content like Ancient Bloods or preferably Stonhenge Wake Hollow Headruns.


Thanks for the guide :slight_smile:

Backpack: yesterday we did not need to kill Sydonai for backpack, just get to St Paul after finishing main quest in Liverpool, then broker gives quest

I m about to do the quest / going to St Paul. I will confirm it when i got the backpack or if its a bug when i dont get it.

Edit: Can confirm you dont need to kill sydonai its enough to reach St Paul station to unlock the quest from broker

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Mistake on me for the backpack, i corrected the post thanks !

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Thanks for the good read :slight_smile: I’ve added this to the guide section on Discord.